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Chicago-Detroit Blues

Detroit blues is blues music played by musicians resident in Detroit, Michigan, particularly that played in the 1940s and 1950s. Detroit blues originated when Delta blues performers migrated north from the Mississippi Delta and Memphis, Tennessee to work in Detroit's industrial plants in the 1920s and 1930s. Typical Detroit blues was very similar to Chicago blues in style. The sound was distinguished from Delta blues by its use of electric amplified instruments and a more eclectic assortment of instruments, including the bass guitar and piano.

The only Detroit blues performer to achieve national fame is John Lee Hooker, as record companies and promoters have tended to ignore the Detroit scene in favor of the larger, more influential Chicago blues. The Detroit scene was centered on Black Bottom, a Detroit neighborhood.

The following is a list of Detroit blues musicians

Alberta Adams
Johnnie Bassett
Eddie "Guitar" Burns
The Butler Twins
Joe Lee Carter
Sylvester Cotton
Calvin Frazier
John Lee Hooker
Bobo Jenkins
Little Sonny
Robert Penn
Boogie Woogie Red
Doctor Ross
Harmonica Shah
Nolan Strong & The Diablos
Baby Boy Warren
Willie D. Warren
Washboard Willie
Joe Weaver
Andre Williams