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St. Louis blues is a type of blues music. It is usually more piano-based than other forms of the blues, and is closely related to the jump blues, ragtime and piano blues. Typically, a small number of singers, a pianist and a few other musical instruments (used primarily for rhythm) make up a band.

Notable musicians

Jelly Roll Anderson
Chuck Berry
Henry Brown
Olive Brown
Teddy Darby
Walter Davis
Tommy Dean
Leothus Lee Green
James "Stump" Johnson
Johnnie Johnson
Lonnie Johnson
Charley Jordan
George "Daddy Hotcakes" Montgomery
Robert Nighthawk
Yank Rachell
Aaron "Pinetop" Sparks
Henry Spaulding
Bennie Smith
Roosevelt Sykes
Henry Townsend
Rudy "Silvercloud" Coleman
Joe Lee Williams