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Once upon a time guitarist, singer, songwriter Julian Burdock had a dream.
24 pesos
Wouldnt it be great to be in a band called 24Pesos.

In 2006 Silas Maitland and Julian Burdock wrote and produced a record for legendary soul singer Geno Washington. The idea for that record was to capture Geno's live energy and improvisational approach. The album was a return to form for Geno who regards this record as his most exciting and original to date. It was during the recording of that record that Burdock and Maitland decided to put together a group to play live and record their own material.

Commitments as sidemen (session musicians) meant that nothing really happened for a couple of years until the two found themselves on stage as part of the band with a very famous ex boy band member who shall remain nameless. The money was good but the music was not. It was at this point the pair decided to re kindle the idea of their own band.

In 2008 they recruited Moz Gamble (Hammond) and Mike Connolly (Drums) 24 Pesos was born. The original idea for the band was that the material should be fun to play, interesting, musical and challenging.

"If its fun to play, well play it. If it aint we wont."

The band rehearsed and wrote material throughout 2008. By the summer they had enough songs together they were happy with for an album and in July they recorded their debut The Boogieworm.

The album was well received by fans of the band and the music press. In late 2008/2009 the band gigged extensively to support it. Starting off in the blues clubs of London then on to bigger gigs and festivals in the UK and abroad. The bands live reputation grew quickly.

"Working with people like Geno Washington and Beverly Knight taught us never to let up and the importance of energy."

Late 2009 the band had enough material together for a second album with a working title of Neckbones and Gumbo. This was changed, to reflect events in Westminster, political corruption and recession to Busted Broken and Blue. Far from being the dirge one might expect the album is an upbeat antidote to the doom and gloom of recession-hit Britain.....