ACME Blues Company

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Waverly Milor -- Harp & Lead Vocals

Wave brings 20 plus years experience as a singer and front man to ACME’s rockin’ blues sound.

In addition to playing harp for ACME, he is the lyricist for ACME’s wide range of originals. Wave is an active member of the DC Blues Society and can be found around town sitting in with bands such as Blues on Board, Daryl Davis Band and Tornado Alley.

An admitted blues junkie, Wave has jammed in such cities as Pittsburgh, Asheville & Wilmington, NC, Portland (OR), Cookeville (TN) and in Copenhagen, Denmark. In Oct. 2005, Wave performed at the 25th Annual Blues Festival with Richard Johnston in West Helena, Arkansas.


- Shure SM58 & vintage Shure 55S microphones for vocals

- Custom Blues Blaster, Turner 251 & US Army EV M43/U microphones for harp

- Peavey Classic 30, Silvertone and '59 Bassman amps


Steve Remy -- Guitar & Vocals


Steve is one of the founding members of ABC and actually came up with the name. It came from the old Roadrunner cartoons. The band couldn’t come up with a name that didn’t offend anyone, so Acme Blues Company it was.

Steve's got over 25 years experience playing guitar (both lead and rhythm) for several bands from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington DC to the Eastern Shore of Southern Delaware.

Steve brings the blues alive with his fiery licks, and in his playing, you can hear influences of Freddie King, Albert Collins, Tommy Castro, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. just to name a few. Steve plays from his heart and soul.


- Guitars: Mooretone Vintage Instruments, Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Martin

- Amps: Ampeg, Fender, Peavey

- Effects: MXR, Crybaby, Boss



Chris Ruckman -- Drums

Chris, a.k.a. Topher, has performed with CMLC, the Velvet Alley Blues Band, the Red Brown and Blues and others. Topher knows how to sound good, and he ought to because he has a PhD in acoustical engineering. (Yes, really.)

His influences include Vinnie Colaiuta, Chester Thompson and Billy Lee Lewis. Topher has been playing drums since he was 8 weeks old. (No, not really.) Before playing, he always turns his cymbals so the Zildjian logo faces him, but they never stay that way.


- Tama Starclassic Performer drums in fusion layout (18x22, 9x10, 10x12, 14x14, 5.5x14 Snare)

- Zildjian A Custom cymbals: 16" and 18" crash, 20" ride, Mastersound 14" hi-hats, 8" Fast Splash

- Tama Iron Cobra pedals

Steve "Wolf" Crescenze -- Bass Guitar & Vocals


Steve started playing bass in the DC area in the 1960s, most notably touring with Sassafras Tea.

His playing and love of the blues began in the late 60's with such influences as B.B.King, Paul Butterfield, John Mayall, Eric Clapton and Cream.

Recently, Wolf has performed with Big Boy Little, Linwood Taylor, Clarence “The Bluesman” Turner, The Skyla Burrell Band, One Bad Jack and DrMove.


- Hartke 4000 amp

- Hartke VX 410 main

- Hartke VX 210 extension

- Vintage Fender P Basses