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Adam Holt has made a living playing in bars since before he was old enough to be in a bar, and heís carved his own solid niche on the Gulf Coast with his live shows, his original music, and his southern hospitality. adam holt

Take some Alabama red clay rock and roll, Mississippi blues, New Orleans gumbo funk, and Tennessee country, throw in such varied influences as British blues invasion, psychedelic rock and 80ís hair metal, then stir it up in a Gibson Les Paul and turn it up to eleven! From Robert Johnson to Dr. John to Tom Petty to Van Halen, Peter Frampton to Led Zeppelin, Adamís varied influences make a mean fuel for the engine of his unique style, and heís charting his own musical course.

Holtís newly released 4th studio album, The Sunday Troubadour, has ushered in a fresh but familiar sound he calls ĎNew Southern Rockí. With its 10-song mix bag of Nashville sing-alongís played through a Marshall half stack, this new genre is appreciated by those too rock-n-roll for country, and vice versa. Holtís earthy baritone voice and lightning fast guitar hands, make authentic roots music with melodies that are easy to wrap your heart around and hard to let go of.

Adam Holt has played with a non-stop rock-a-holic attitude throughout the Southern U.S., from major music festivals to hole-in-the-wall juke joints. Every fan is considered a friend and every venue is equally important. Heís shared the stage with legends and locals. His live shows have been seen by loyal fans across the south, while his recorded music is continually being discovered by new friends internationally.

Adam is a young veteran in the studio as well. He is a sought after session player, producer and mix engineer by artists throughout the south. His partnership in Dancing Dog Studio in southern Alabama has provided him a home for his recording, producing, and mixing endeavors. In whatever venue, Adamís goal is always to make down-to-earth, quality music that brings people together for a good time.