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He is part of the contemporary blues and folk scenery in Europe and America since 1990. Brazilian, At the triennium 68, 69 and 70, the Brazilian guitar player Álamo Leal started to explore his blues influences and moved to London in 1971, where his professional career began at the year of 1978.

In London, during the 70´s, he assimilated this music form and ascended as a dedicated artist, who made a profound study of his sound, always trying to be in contact with experienced musicians and developing a research work that broach since the origin to the present variants of the blues.

Álamo Leal returned to Brazil in 2004, where now he lives, exploring the origin sounds of the blues, always coming back to the first rhythms( the originals blues players from Mississippi) that he listened at childhood. Our blues player finished a tour of six weeks in Europe at the end of 2005. Now he devotes oneself to Brazilian concerts. During 2006, he presented several shows in clubs like Mistura Fina, Estrela da Lapa, Modern Sound and Bourbon Street, joining Brazilian musicians, such as Flávio Guimarães, Arnaldo Brandão, Bruce Henri, Jefferson Gonçalves, Otávio Rocha, and others.

Alamo Leal – Alamo Leal (2010)