Alan Gerber

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Alan GerberAlan Gerber - songwriter, vocalist, musician, producer, comic, actor. He is an enigma...can there really be that much talent in one man?'Since the 28 years of the Blue Skies Music Festival, I haven't ever seen the crowd boogie like they did tonight with Alan Gerber and his band. I knew it was going to be good, but I never even imagined it this good!' ~Al Rankin Alan's professional career began when he entered a music program at Roosevelt University in 1965. Producer Paul Rothchild (The Doors, Paul Butterfield, Janis Joplin...) discovered Alan's talent and soon he was a singer, songwriter and keyboardist for a group to become known as Rhinoceros. The release of two albums on the Elektra label brought Rhinoceros to tour North America with such names as Janis Joplin, BB King, Jefferson Airplane, Traffic, Jimi Hendrix, Steppenwolf, John Lee Hooker, Jeff Beck and others. Alan left Rhinoceros and released his first solo effort in 1971 with Shelter Records and the worldwide distribution of this recording earned him a tour with Leon Russell. In 1974 the release of the single 'Tied On' (produced by Andre Perry) went to number one on Quebec radio and Alan toured the province in the wake of its success. Gerber placed two songs on the soundtrack of Bob Dylan's movie 'Renaldo and Clara', performed at Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue and toured with Lou Reed in the United States. His new CD, 'Blue Tube' , promises to be the most exciting Alan Gerber release to date. Gerber is poised and ready for international success.






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