Ale Ravanello

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Ale RavanelloSince 2008 Ale Ravanello Blues Combo is a quartet that focuses on traditional Blues, mixing Little Walter, Big Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Muddy Waters, T-Bone Walker, Magic Sam, Guitar Slim and Pee Wee Crayton influences with original feeling dating back to 1950s classic swing.

Harmonica player and charismatic lead singer, Ale Ravanello spearheads the talented quartet, featuring Clark Carballo on drums, Sergio Selbach on bass and Nicola Spolidoro on guitar. Performing in major music festivals around Brazil, Ale Ravanello Blues Combo has had the opportunity to perform beside Blues masters like Bob Stroger, Billy Branch and Carlos Johnson, and has been chosen to open one of Kim Wilson’s Blues All-Star shows.

Guitar player Nicola Spolidoro is an award-winning jazz musician that adds a unique chord to the group. Energy and sharpness define Clark Carballo’s solid drum grooves. Judged in the top 5 Brazilian Blues bass players, Sérgio Selbach has been chosen repeatedly to back-up international Blues bands on tour in Southern Brazil including Phil Guy, Magic Slim, Curtis Salgado, Kenny Neal, Donnie Nichilo, Guy King and Andy Just. Their first album, “Live At Mr. Jones” was recorded live in 2009 on tour in Argentina and released later that year at the Buenos Aires Blues Festival.

After two years of a busy schedule, the group is tight and reaching solid arrangements for Ale Ravanello’s originals, which has lead them to record their second album, “Haunted”, which focuses on original material. Released in December 2011, “Haunted” has been well received by critics and is the only Blues album to get nominated for “2011 Best CD Açorianos Award” in a category that includes all genres.

Ale Ravanello endorses Serrano Amps (custom-built harmonica tube amplifiers) and Hering Harmonicas.

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