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Alex Caporuscio follows the path traced by masters such as Albert Collins, Johnny Winter and Stevie Ray Vaughan, to name a few. The group was founded by Alex Caporuscio in Italy in '91 and '95 Mr. Caporuscio decided to move to Spain, where he soon began to move around the circuit in Madrid. alex caporuscio

Alex, singer and guitarist, born in London in '73, a Spanish mother and Italian father. At six he started his career in the world of six strings with the help of his grandfather, guitar player and singer of "Celtys" and companion of great artists of the Spanish folk music.

At fifteen, Alex discovers a new world first heard John Lee Hooker. Quickly feel the call, and is steeped in the blues of BB King and Albert King among others. It is made ​​with an electric guitar and started playing in groups of Blues. By taking some tables, mounts "Alex & the Boll-Weevils" and works in Rome, Naples, Bologna and Florence. At a festival in the province of Rome, took the stage, in full play, respected jazz saxophonist Mauro Zazzarini delighted with the group. Following this meeting, Alex was incorporated as a guest on the Big Band of R '&' B Zazzarini.

After several changes of musicians, and country, Alex decides to start a band that 'say' more of it with original compositions, not forgetting the lesson of the 'great'. When it comes to Madrid and started playing in the circuit with his band or doing collaborations with musicians such as Steven Adler (ex Guns'n'Roses), Ņaco Goņi, Noel Soto, Velma Powell, Javier Vargas, Amar Sundy, Red House or three thousand men (Vacazul), the public is shocked to the couple excited about their way of interpreting his music. A local newspaper said of him:

Musician portentous, with an amazing fingering, it seemed as if his guitar was an extension of his arm, part of the same body. True musical juggler, sometimes you might think that theirs is mere exhibitionism, empty virtuosity, but the feeling is Discarded immediately to see the soul and intensity she brings to everything it touches. A fierce, well. If this is added a rhythm section sweeping, high punch, it results in a group rather than as a well-oiled machine, it sounds like a real armored car, like a steamroller of Rhythm 'n' Blues. The sounds you hear are granite, full of energy. The basis of his own songs constitute repertoire, tasteful, and versions , covering styles ranging from Blues to Progressive Rock, Funk through the atomic or Texas boogie hard to Stevie Ray Vaughan and ZZ Top. "