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“It’s the kind of music that Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf would have loved and, trust me, that’s got nothing to do with by-the-number rehash. It’s got everything to do with attitude and this band’s got some to spare” Mark Gallo—BLUES REVIEW

The Alligators have been playing this kind of music, in there own unmistakable way, for nearly twenty five years. This “attitude” they bring to the stage each night has everything to do with their respect for the blues and their love of playing it together as a band. And The Alligators have been playing it together for a long time. Lead vocalist Dave Krammer and harmonica player Wailin’ Dale started the band in 1984, Guitarist Steve Schwartz joined in 1993 followed by Drummer Jon Johnson . The Alligators have also added new blood with the addition of highly respected bassist Frankie Lee in 2007. This longevity is a testament to the success they have achieved and has helped develop them into one of the tightest and most sought after bands in the Midwest. The Alligators not only have impressive lasting power as a band but an impressive recording history as well. Beginning in 1994 with their debut CD “Gimme Some Skin” , they have recorded four successful and highly acclaimed CDs to date. They have also had songs included on three compilation CDs as well.

For Bookings:
(248) 476-0799 or
(248) 417-5092

Dave Krammer Lead Vocals
Jon Johnson Drums, Vocals
Steve Schwartz Guitars, Vocals
Frankie Lee Bass, Vocals
Wailin’ Dale Harmonicas, Vocals

Dave Krammer - Lead VocalsJon Johnson - Drumes, VocalsSteve Shwartz - Guitars, VocalsFrankie Lee - Bass, VocalsWailin' Dale - Harmonicas, Vocals

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