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Andres Roots hails out of Estonia and may be best known for his superb collaboration with Alar Kriisa, as Bullfrog Brown, a two member band that often had great guest artists join them on their releases. The band, Bullfrog Brown, was chosen Best European Release for "Mother River Delta" in my 2008 Year End Review, and number 1 on my Top 25 Albums 2009 List for their release "Moon and Central", which also garnered, Best European Blues Album and Best Original Cover Art, in my 2009 Year End Review. In November 17th, 2010, former Bullfrog Brown guitarist Andres Roots released his first solo album "Roundabout", which also garnered rave reviews. I also picked it as Best European Blues Album in my 2010 Year End Review and placed it number 4 on my Top 25 Albums 2010 List. Now calling himself and band mates Andres Roots Roundabout, Andres has released his 2nd album, since departing from Bullfrog Brown, called "Leigh's Spider Jam".Andres Roots

"Leigh's Spider Jam" consists of 9 Tracks, 2 of which are Live Tracks of an earlier televised 2010 jam and 7 Tracks that were recorded at White Room in Tartu, Estonia in 2011. All the songs on "Leigh's Spider Jam" were written by Andres Roots.

The performers "Leigh's Spider Jam" included Andres Roots (Acoustic, Resophonic, and Electric Guitar) Martin Eessalu (Electric Guitars & 6-String Banjo), Indrek Tiisel (Harmonica), Raul Terep (Drums) Leighton "L.R." Phoenix (Vocals), Ahti Bachblum (Piano & Organ), Bert Deivert (Mandolin), Hanno Maadra & Asko-Romé Altsoo (Orchestration). "Leigh's Spider Jam" was produced by Asko-Romé Altsoo & Andres Roots, and once again the fabulous Siret Roots, (Andres wife), did the Cover design. The majority of the band members hailed from Estonia, except for L.R. Phoenix (UK/Finland) and Bert Deivert (USA/SWEDEN).

Of the 9 Tracks on "Leigh's Spider Jam", 5 are marvelously done instrumentals. The 9 Tracks are also interwoven with Tracks 1,3,5,7, & 9 being instrumental the remaining 4 non-instrumental Tracks being 2,4,6, & 8. This interweaving of Tracks certainly does the job of truly making this album feel like a great Jam.

For my favorite 3 Tracks on "Leigh's Spider Jam", I choose Track 2 "Mean Old Town No.2", Track 4 "Comin' Home", and Track 7 "Horse Feathers". Track 2 & 4 I felt best showed off the great Vocals of L.R. Phoenix and awesome Harmonica work by Indrek Tiisel. Track 4 was a little slower and in addition to L.R.'s Vocals we also get the great Guitar work of Andres Roots. Track 7 was my Favorite instrumental on "Leigh's Spider Jam" and really showed off Andres Roots at his Guitar picking best, this time on Dobro as well as Martin Eessalu on a 6 String Banjo.

One thing you are going to get when Andres Roots is involved, is consistently great blues music, of the kind you would only have expected from seasoned Down South North American Blues Artists to have achieved, but really, throughout all the Albums of his, whether with Bullfrog Brown or not, he has never failed to amaze me concerning his ability to create Blues music that is absolutely authentic. The release of "Leigh's Spider Jam", shows not only his mastery of authentic Blues, but also his mastery of assembling many extraordinary artists to take along on his Blues journey.

It has always been an absolute pleasure to receive and listen to the many great releases featuring Andres Roots over the years and "Leigh's Spider Jam" simply adds that much more. I have not yet come across a production of his that was not worthy of my Highest Rating of 5***** and "Leigh's Spider Jam" is certainly not going to break that tradition either.

Highly Recommended and Thoroughly Enjoyed... ~Review by John Vermilyea (Blues Underground Network)

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