Andrew Brown

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The Andrew Brown Group (aka Alt-Blues-Love-Cult) is an original, Alexandria Virginia based alternative blues band. Much of their influence is rooted in traditional electric Texas Blues and contemporary alternative rock, with a fair share of groove and eclecticism that sets them apart from more traditional blood-and-grit southern blues bands.

Andrew Brown is a dynamic, tight, high-energy live experience that appeals to many different types of audience: those who love electric blues; those who love groove-based rock; alternative rock fans and and those who just like good lyrics, honest vocals, and straight-shooter guitar playing.

The rhythm section is held down by the melodic but extremely solid work of bassist Nikk Allen, and the steady, groovy beats of Wade Cutter. The trio is noted for their improvisational, "tight-but-loose" live performances.

The music is hard to define but at times hearkens back to the best Blues/Goove rock of the 70's era ... with a unique, underground beat quality that infuses life with heart, and heart with sound.