Andy Drudy Disorder

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The Andy Drudy Disorder takes the time-honored traditions of the blues and twists and mangles the form into a modern
context with modern urban influences. The music takes the best (and the worst) of each, and renders a powerful mix
of time-warped sonic that attempts to drag the idiom into the 21st Century. Add a twist of jazz confusion and the pie is baked.

Combined with decades of gigging and recording, The Disorder is a unique experience like no other. This is not the flush of youth
but a seasoned activist, burgeoning with revolution. Fully aware that like going to the movies, guess what happens next and the
experience is over, keep them guessing till the end and your work is done. Let them go home and sleep on it, and get them again
next time. Like a swamp snake, the twists and turns are endless!

The gutters fill with rain, the whiskey flows like wine, and the story of the blues rolls ever on.

Andy Drudy Disorder

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