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Armadillo Blues is a powerblues trio from the dark southern parts of Sweden which have been active since about 2005. From being a matter of only local concern, they have gradually gained increased attention from the rest of the country. Their third album, Swamp Music, was released in spring 2011.

The music is influenced by old delta blues and Chicago blues as well as more modern music, regardless of genre. Since a couple of years ago the band has increased its efforts to write its own material, as can be heard on the two latest albums which mostly contains songs written by Armadillo Blues.

"Armadillo Blues are stuck in our poor flicker feathered ears. Several times, our paths crossed and we are constantly impressed by the band's attendance at the live shows we've seen: In his bare feet, bass playing and singing Jesper Hedegård, the low-key Kenth Johansson on drums and an inspiring Stefan
Bergstrand who caress / abuses his guitar at all possible/impossible ways!!" ~M3/Musikmästarmöte

Jesper Hedegård - Bass and vocals; Stefan Bergstrand - Guitars; Kenth Johansson -Drums
armadillo blues

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