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Shaped the sounds of Led Zep, Cream and Rolling Stones, the ears of these three musicians from around Agen heard enough good things to be able to create more and that is recognizing that the power trio was a preferred approach to playing rock Bad To The Bone was born, determined to go and preach the good word of his blues-rock in places as diverse as small rooms but also the major festivals.

Written by Fred Delforge

Past twenty years working for various groups have given to Daniel Conqueret on bass and Jean-Marc Chiron on drums rhythmic solidity foolproof and is carried by the guitar and the voice of William Zimmerlin the trio soon earn its stripes as one to one, praised for her first album but also for her stage performances and ready to curry favor with the public and programmers with its second effort in which he multiplies the colors to better make it irresistible ...

If you feel floating around the various pieces of "Too Bad To Lose" shadow of the great artists that inspired Bad To The Bone, the least of them being obviously not George Thorogood who even gave a name the trio, we also note that the three artists at heart at every moment to find legitimacy through their own compositions and especially of a sound that belongs only to them and allows them to be equally at home in floods of saturation in songs that much more careful, the acoustics are not an area to which they naturally give up despite their status as blues rockers. The strong voice often leaves shine so frenchy accent that does not try to deceive his people about the origin of the group and is letting himself be carried away by the riffs, arpeggio, or sometimes slide the harmonica Bad To The Bone that can safely pass through the Roaring Forties of the national rock blues with shading in headings such as "ogress Town," "Bartender," "Fever & Pain" or the superb "From A To Z," which marks the return of calm after the storm, the elements atop their outburst we had even booked a stunning cover of "Travelling Riverside Blues by Robert Johnson, who could not leave anyone indifferent. The madness of rock and blues magic together on a single book ...

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Evidence from the ninth
More inspired by 70's rock the blues of the bayou, the Lot-et-Garonne, past a trio, return to business Discographical with "Too Bad to Lose."
Christophe Massenot

Jean-Marc Chiron (drums), William Zimmerlin (vocals, guitar, harmonica) and Daniel Conqueret (bass) form the new line-up of Bad to the Bone. Photo dr

"Bad to the Bone" just released "Too bad to lose." Thus released, the information was not the flavor that it provides a translation into roast. Moreover Jacques Brown would he do such a career if his producer had not insisted renamed James Brown?

Will resume in English, official language of the rockers. "Bad to the Bone" comes to market his new album "Too Bad to Lose," as the first song of this set originally Lot-et-Garonne and blues, this does not explain that.

Closer to Led Zep

Moreover, if we recognize this type of music long chorus guitar stretching as far as action, say that this album has value as a yardstick. With some minor differences. Asked by William Zimmerlin. "When I listen, I think more than Led Zeppelin Stevie Ray Vaughan. Was digested blues heritage. "

From a work force adjustment that is more of a lifestyle choice that the staff cuts, Bad to the Bone comes to three, with one guitar. "We had to manage. Particularly since more than half of the disc was written for four musicians. This new formula also has an impact on the live version of songs, since I can not do the same chorus. We have been slipped into something a little more rock. "

True to his methods, his studio is in La-de-Sauvetat Savères in a back room of Café des Voyageurs, the trio laid his case.

Working live
"We wanted to produce and arrange it so that listening is as enjoyable as possible. And if Jesus multiplied the loaves, BtzB has multiplied his tracks. Voice doubled profusion of guitars, organ gimmick. All orchestrated by Laurent Bellaz, the artistic consciousness of the combo. "If our first album showed the wild side, it is brought to a mixture of energy and anger," notes William yet.

"This group is a story of friends and it's not overused. The first concert I saw was the group of Jean-Marc, who is on drums ... "The confrontation of generations is the promise of renewed influence. Intermittent full-time, the trio is currently working on the translation of a live disc whose obvious quality is going to be assumed.

"Brand New"

The framework sets future will come from "Too Bad to Lose", which could well turn into "Too Good to Win" Training always cornaquée by Tympanum Prod. "From the beginning, we wanted to manage the ins and outs of the trick and reduce the intermediaries. This mode of operation fits us. "Operation" of home-made band "which guarantees a certain resistance to weather.

After ten years of gigs, Zimmerlin feels "start from scratch with a brand new group. . New, multiple of three.