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Baker-McClaren BandBaker-McClaren Band - For more than 25 years, Max Baker and Jim McClaren each performed in Legendary St. Louis bands. But after all those years on the music scene, they finally sat down with a couple of acoustic guitars and made some music together. It was immediately apparent that their musical tastes sprang from the same well. So the search began for a kick-butt rhythm section.

Keyboard player Bill Murphy was found playing in a jazz trio and an Elvis tribute band. His style brought a honky-tonk roadhouse feel to the mix. Drummer Joe Pastor was recruited after his return from the Legends Theater in Branson, MO., where he performed almost every style of 20th century American music. Rehearsals commenced. For this recording, Tom Maloney signed on to play bass. Tom is usually recognized as a guitarist, and as such, has toured the world with Rock&Roll Hall of Famer Johnny Johnson. While the music on this CD might be hard to pidgeonhole stylistically, it's definitely what they had in from the crossroads of America, from some place like St.

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