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Bea B & the Axxman

Bea Bahr - (Bea B to her friends)

Bea B & the AxxmanAt the tender age of 5 years old, Bea began to show the world just what she had germinating inside her, still yet to bloom. While she and her family were attending Sunday morning services at The Church of God and Christ in Laurel, Mississippi – (where her Father was the Pastor) - the whole congregation was singing ‘Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah’. Brimming with inspiration, Bea powerfully belted out the next verse, "I am weak, but thine art strong ". Since that Sunday morning in Mississippi, Bea has been performing at a variety of venues along
the way.

Matt "the axxmann" MacDermaidBea B & the Axxman

Matt "The Axxmann" MacDermaid, hit his first stage at the tender age of 11. Later, he would understand that playing music from The Yardbirds, The Animals and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers at that show was really his primary introduction into the blues realm. Fast forward through the decades spent honing his skills and playing all types of music in myriad clubs and venues and you’ll find The Axxmann still laying it down and playing the blues; the music that – when it all comes down to it – has always been first and foremost within his heart and soul.

Born in Flint Michigan, guitar slinger, Matt "The Axxmann" MacDermaid has always known what it means to live and love the blues.

When he was just ten years old, while on vacation, his father taught him a few chords on his Daneltro guitar. From that time forward, Matt was hooked.

Within a very short time, he started his own band The Inevitable's and when the lineup was complete the band played its first gig, though he thought they were playing rock n roll, Matt later would understand that playing music from The Yardbirds, The Animals and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers was really his introduction into the blues. "I still remember the rush of that very first show. Playing rock and roll of the sixties was a gas, but it didn't take long before he new that soulful bluesy guitar sound was what he loved."

Although Matt has played Southern Rock, Classic Rock, Top 40 and even Country, he always knew the blues was deep in his up-bringing, going back to running the streets of Flint looking for girls and trouble, guitar always in hand. Matt even played in a real punk band in the early 70's called CRANK but the blues was and is still where his heart is!

After his short tenure as one of the founding members of Argentucky Blues and the Motor City Injectors, Matt has moved on and is currently writing music for TV and Movies with Crazy Boy. Crazy Boy has released their first track a song written by Matt called The Wolf Barks At The Moon (available here on this music page with three other Crazy Boy tracks). Matt is also still writing and recording with Bea Bahr.

Matt's playing style is a cross between Eric Clapton, Gary Moore, Tommy Castro and many others with great respect for BB King. Still his younger days before he found the blues, Matt played some of the same stages as Ted Nugent, Brownsville Station, Ides of March, The Frost, Joe Walsh and others.

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Facebook Matt MacDermaid or Bea B and the Axxman or Crazyboyband.


Tommy Castro, Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, BB King, Howlin Wolf, Billy Gibbons, SRV, Joe Bonamassa, Walter Trout, Ted Nugent, Dick Wagner, Hank Williams, Jr & Senior, Chet Atkins and Waylon & Willie to name just a few a few.


Matt's preferred tools of the trade include many guitars including PRS McCarty model/ PRS original EG4,limited production Fender Stratocaster and a custom built Tele, "I play slide with my 64 Gibson Melody Maker and a Gold Top Les Paul", for more Jazzy he plays a ES335 Dot Neck.

Though he has many amps, at the moment he is using a 65 Fender Bandmaster, 76 Fender Twin, Bugera 6262 head and a Blackstar 60 combo and even and old West built in his home town of Flint, Michigan. All plug into his Soldano 2x12 closed back bottom. Effect units evolve daily.

Matt is fully capable and prepared to play large or small rooms and outside venues.



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