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Bert Deivert - blues mandolinist
is an American blues artist now living in Sweden. He has been playing professionally for 38 years and has performed all over the world in various constellations within the folk music and blues genres. He has released 4 solo albums, 6 duo albums, and performed on many other artists' albums.

Bert Deivert was born 1950, in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1966 Bert saw Son House on public television and was so amazed by what he saw that he immediately broke a wine bottle to make his own bottleneck. He has been hooked on the blues and Son House ever since.

Bert DeivertLike many American families, his family moved around every three years or so till he was 14 years old. He lived in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Utah, California, and finally in Derry, New Hampshire on the East Coast of the United States. While supporting himself as a musician playing solo on the streets of San Francisco and with other street friends like Peter Case, he learned to play for an audience. He moved to Sweden in 1974 where he has worked ever since as a singer and musician. He has had several songs covered by other artists, and has done widespread radio, tv, and theatre work. Bert has played together with such diverse musicians as singer/songwriter Peter Case, blues artist Eric Bibb, New York bluesman Michael Powers, rockabilly queen Wanda Jackson, old timey legend Tom Paley, and Irish piper and singer Christy O'Leary. Bert has been visiting Mississippi the last couple of years and playing and jamming with the likes of bluesmen Bill Abel, Sam Carr, Cadillac John Nolden, Terry "Harmonica" Bean, Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, and T-Model Ford.

Bert's repertoire consists of blues classics by the likes of Son House, Yank Rachell, Sam Chatmon, Skip James, Johnny Young, Carl Martin, Howard Armstong, Vol Stevens, Will Hatcher, Tampa Red, Sleepy John Estes, Mississippi Sheiks, and some original tunes that fit right into the style of Delta and country blues. Bert's specialties are blues mandolin and slide guitar, as well as his distinctive and powerful voice.

Some of Bert’s Blues Festival performances

King Biscuit Blues Festival, Helena, Arkansas; Mother’s Best Festival, Helena, Arkansas; ; Juke Joint Festival, Clarksdale, Mississippi; Tommy Johnson Blues Festival, Crystal Springs, Mississippi; Bukka White Blues Festival, Aberdeen, Mississippi
UK & Scotland
Dundee Blues Bonanza; Ashburton Blues Festival
Himalayan Blues Festival, Kathmandu
Dobro Fest, Trnava
Rootsway Blues Festival, Parma
Jyväskylä Blues Live Festival; Grand Blues Festival, Lahti
Åmål Blues Fest; Backafestivalen; Karlstad Blues Festival; Blues Frossa, Lysekil; Folk & Rock Festivalen; YTF Visfestival - Mosebacke; Falkenbergs Visfestival; Västerviks Visfestival; Vaxholms Visfestival; Winter Blues Festival - Göteborg; Göteborgs Blues Party
De Dansende Beer Folk Festival, Rotterdam Folk Festival
Schweinfurt Blues Festival; New Orleans Festival, Wendelstein
Phuket International Blues Festival 2009


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