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Betsy Pecanins was born in Yuma, Arizona, American father and Catalan mother. Mexico, his home since 1977, is its third home, there has resided in different stages of their lives and their country of choice. Singer / songwriter, Betsy has stood for strength and quality of her voice in all important stages in Mexico and abroad in different forums. His discography includes 14 albums and 11 collaborations with different musicians. betsy pacannis

Grew up in a lot of musical influences, highlights the fusion of Mexican ranchera and bolero with the blues, which is a primary source of her singing.

Emphasize its units with the Orchestra of Baja California, with the Philharmonic of Mexico City, headed by Eduardo Garcia Barrios, Eduardo Diazmuñoz, Benjamin Juarez and Luis Herrera de la Fuente. She has sung a duet with Tania Libertad, Margie Bermejo, Cecilia Toussaint, Eugenia León, Amparo Ochoa, Guillermo Briseño and the Papa John Creach blusista among others.

He played the singing voice of Lucha Reyes for the movie "The Queen of the Night" by Arturo Ripstein and participated with songs in the movies "To Die", "Two Crimes", "Cilantro and Parsley" and "Murderer Seriously."

It has been brought out of Mexico in Havana, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Paris, Cannes, Lisbon, Los Angeles, Tucson, Yuma, New York, Washington, San Antonio and Miami.

The originality of his artistic project, which highlights the fusion of Mexican ranchera and bolero with the blues, The Tequila, Tequila Azul and Baton and How Blue Was My Lara , continues to grow and diversify and has given a very special in the music of our time. The sight of his voice and his presence continually earn a lot of followers and supporters.