Big Bad Wuff

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Big Bad Wuff was a three piece Texas Style Blues/Rock band formed in Austin, Texas in 1991 with JOHNNY BARTEE on Guitar and Vocals, RON WOOD on Bass and STEVE FORMBY on Drums. The ten original songs on this download album were recorded live with vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. Start to finish, each song has no overdubs, punch-ins, stops or fixes. It is a live rehearsal session of a hot three piece blues band slugging it out raw and to the bone.

The copy I made this from was a well worn cassette given to me twenty years ago and until recently, lost. With the tremendous talent of George Coyne at Parrot Tracks Studio in Austin, we were able restore these classic musical moments frozen in time to respectable levels. This represents about half of what will be released, hence Volume 1.

On these recordings I played a 1988 Eric Clapton Signature Series Fender Stratocaster through a 1960's era Fender Princeton. Ron Wood played a Fender Precision Bass through a Peavey Widowmaker stack. Steve Formby played a rather large Ludwig six piece set with lots of cymbals. Everything on our rehearsal stage was miked and ran through a Peavy PA system, then to the recording deck.

Ron's studio BLACK DIAMOND PRODUCTIONS was located at his 20 something room self built house on heavily wooded acreage near Lake Travis, Texas. He built a rehearsal stage with an adjacent recording booth which is where all of these recordings were made. During sessions Ron would turn the machines on and let them roll. After rehearsal we would go to the booth and listen to the playback. Once in a while we got great live sounding results, like the songs on BIG BAD WUFF.

Big Bad Wuff

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