Big Daddy Lee

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Big Daddy Lee Hollowell: Singing, playing guitar and performing for over 35 years. Big Daddy's cool sense of rhythm, soulful leads, and sexy vocals provide the spark that keeps all those sweaty bodies grooving on the dance floor. Slow, swing, or rockiní blues, Big Daddy mixes it up and plays to the audience.Big Daddy LeeBig Daddy Lee

Billy Miller: Bass player and all around great guy.

Rob Leventhal: Hittin' the skins and drumming for over 35 years, Rob started his career in Los Angeles with the band Forest and later fled to Colorado where he played with many local bands. Rob has yet to be convicted of any felonies in the state of Colorado.

Dave Hill: Guitar virtuoso & the newest member of the band, Dave lit his guitar on fire in a fit of rage last Easter. No one knows exactly why.





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