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Big Harmonica BobBig Harmonica Bob was born in 1955 and is still just a little bit alive! Bob has played with famous people and infamous people too! Originally from Long Beach Cal., and still there. Bob can be heard around the Los Angeles and Orange County area with the band "Big Harmonica Bob and the Outsiders" His style is his own. His favorites include Paul Butterfield, Little Walter, Big Walter, Magic Dick, and many more... Big Harmonica Bob is known throughout the world thanks to FM stations like Radio-Total 96.9 in Bucarest Romania, And FM 90.3 in Sacramento California. La Maza in Argentina , WKRP FM Jean Paul ,Things to hear , Mark Smith, the Blues Pilot! (and many many more in the USA and the World).

Big Harmonica Bob started blowin that harp back in 69 ... That's why his hair is gray. At any rate, Bob will be appearing live all over Southern Cal. BHB sings , plays guitar ,and blows the Mississippi Sax.  Bob's C.D. "Straight from The Harp" went to Number One on! Out of about 30,000 C.D.'s. It is still in the top 4 in Rockin Blues and Electric Blues as of Sept. 2006 Bob had the honor of teaching at the first Jon Gindick Harmonica Jam Camp of 2003. The camp is now visiting various Major Cities all over the U.S.A. Jon is one of the greatest harmonica teachers in the World! One of Bob's solos was played on a NASCAR Broadcast and In Oct. of 2004 Bob again taught at the Jon Gindick Harmonica Jam Camp and played there with Mr. Bernie Pearl and the Jam Camp Jammers!
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Long Live the Blues
Top harmonica rig. I started playing through a small keyboard solid state amp. I did it as a joke. When people would see me without the regular Bassman or wanna be little Walter rig they would roll their eyes. That's the response I wanted. I have played for so long that I wanted my playing to do the talking. I now have a mini stack with the keyboard amp on top and a matching small Bass amp on bottom.

The only problem is unless you get miked through the house P.A. you can't be heard if the band is real loud. In those rare cases I bring another amp and mike myself through if. My microphone is a Radio Shack Realistic cheapo low feq. response junk pawn shop left over. Why? After much trial and error it best matches my amps. Don't be afraid to be different! I once in a while use a Shaker Mic with a volume control just to change up. I also have a bag full of crystal mics...oh yeah, I use an old analog delay for effect....I sometimes play through a Delta Blues Amp with a big 15 inch speaker matched with a CAD mike, but most of the time , I use my solid state rig. I have also played through my little amps while pumped through a Stage pro 100...that combo sounds good. Sometimes miked through the 100, sometime direct. It depends on the situation and the sound I want to get..

Big Hamonica Bob is now known the world over...But like all blues people you need to hear him to understand that he is the "Real Deal". With no Major Label backing Big Harmonica Bob and the musicians he plays with are Spanning the Globe with the Blues! ( Big Blues Dog Productions is an Independent label and brings you the blues of
BHB and friends. We work hard to do it well.)  If you are a Blues Harmonica fan then I think you will see why BHB has such a wide appeal. His band is really a great sounding band. Not average at all, this band is beginning to really kick some serious blues fanny! Big Harmonica Bob....Long Live the Blues ...come and see a will be glad you did As of 2006 we play at The Blue Cafe in Long Beach Ca.
at 7pm on The 1st and 3rd Sunday of Every Month!