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n 1980 Big Mo and Steff Bollack (Drums) shared a band. They toured for 5 years in Germany playing original blues and southern rock music, often entertaining homesick US G.I.'s. At the same time Volker Strifler (guitar) and Klaus Bubik (bass) had a blues band going in the home town of all these guys, Heidelberg, Germany. Peter Anthony (Keyboard) Joined Big Mo after moving to Germany from London.

In 1988 Big Mo moved from Germany to Northern California, after meeting and marrying his American wife, Robin.big mo

He started a business in Paradise California and after getting his feet wet in a new country and living the American life started getting a band together.

In 2004 Patrick Hilton, a very talented trumpet player joined the band. He played in the U.S. Navy Band for 20 years and brings with him lots of experience and adds greatly to the band's sound. At the same time Eric Weber on saxophone joined the band. A very talented young horn player that brings lots of excitement and energy to the group. This new born section made a positive change to the sound of Big Mo and added a roundness that further sophisticates the overall experience. For shows in USA Big Mo is currently enjoying the sounds of Steve Valine a very talented pedal steel player who brings Mo closer to his Father's country music roots. He adds a great dimension which Mo really enjoys. The 7 piece band has lots of interesting new sounds to offer. A great variety of all original music from straight forward blues to Southern Rock soulful ballads and funky grooves. Dave Matson is on bass and Hal Race on the drums both guys with lots of experience and providers of a steady beat keeping the band straight on line. Terry Smith on keyboards has just recently joined the line up. A recent new resident of the area Terry brings a new dimension to the group that is very well appreciated . Big Mo & The Full Moon Band enjoy a great fan base. Mo always states how he loves his fans and how proud he is to be able to perform the music he writes that comes straight from his soul and stomach. " We are truly blessed and fortunate to be able to perform for you" Mo'Love