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Bill 'Bleu' Lane has been kicking around the Music Industry since 1970. He had toured all around the world but had never recorded an album of his own only with other Artists who he had played and recorded with. When Lane went from Austin to Atlanta in 2000 to hook up with an attorney friend (Howard Osofsky) who had offered to help Lane get a demo recorded and contact industry people to get him signed to a record deal along with talent agents who would help promote Lane as a solo artist things began to look very good. bleu land

After more than 2 years of trying to hook Lane up the attorney had made a number of waves in the music industry but still had not gotten him signed. The demo (Back In Blue/2000) he helped produce for Lane had been raising some interest in Nashville with the help of Country Rock Icon, Mark Collie who took Lane around town & introduced him to a number of folks there including, Tommy Spurlock.

In 2002 Lane went to the Lowery Music Group in Atlanta where Butch Lowery took an interest in Lane and his music. Lowery signed Lane to a multiple year recording and publishing deal that led to the recording of Bleu Lane's rookie album, "Just Livin' My Rock & Roll Life". As Lowery and Lane made preparations to release the album, Howard R. Osofsky, Lane's attorney friend, was also brought in on the deal with Lowery Music. After some very intense arrangements Lowery worked out a deal everyone could live with allowing the release of the CD on May 5th, 2003. Since then the album has continued to win over fans with no promotion, some light touring during the years since, and with Lane's health sidelining him off & on for the last 6 years.

Doing studio work in Nashville, Austin, LA, Memphis, and London have kept him able to pursue getting Bleu Lane back on tour full time and recording a second album. His heart attack on the Friday following the release of the rookie album and his degenerative spinal bone and disc disease needing surgery for him to be able to walk stopped everything from going full bore. Fighting back through the pain and a number of surgeries to correct or stem his spinal disease and to repair blocked valves in his heart in 2005, 2006, 2007, & 2008 Lane is finally ready to tour full time behind this CD and is readying to record the follow up CD possibly with a new label as Lane's contract with Southern Tracks Records has run out (Lane's publishing deal remains intact). Lowery would like to resign Lane but as his publisher would like it more to see him get a major label deal and have the chance to get the funding behind him he so richly deserves to get out touring which every one says is a must after seeing Lane's shows in the past. (Check out reviews at &

Looking forward to get back out and touring this year Lane is readying to move from Texas to Nashville to make a run on labels and industry types in late 2009. With any luck his fans will find Lane back in the saddle and riding high soon after. More information regarding shows will be uploaded here and at My Space as those dates become available. The My Space location has fewer songs available for reviewing but more about the band itself. If you are a Die Hard Southern Rocker Lane's CD and his live shows are a must as Lane only knows one way to perform and that's "ALL OUT". His Blues laced riffs laid down between enticing lyrics and melodies are something lacking in most Rock music releases today.

If you stop by here and find his music please pass the word on to others who can come and enjoy this album and hopefully the new album soon. Please add Bleu as a friend and a fan if you find his music to your liking. He in turn will support your music and promote your shows on on his My Space (& his Facebook & Twitter pages too) if you have a page there.

Bleu sends his regards and his thanks for your time and consideration.

Submitted by Katherine Lane