Biscuit Kings

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Johnny Pierre - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Golstein - Bass
Dave Filloramo - Lead Guitar

biscuit kingsBased in New York, the American blues band, Biscuit Kings, have been active on the Long Island music scene for the past 25 years. Johnny Pierre's past credits include a 10 year stint as the lead singer of the popular Long Island band, the Freelance Vandals, opening shows for such luminaries as John Hiatt, Dr. John, Albert King, Paul Butterfield & Rick Danko, Dave Mason and NRBQ.

Jeff Goldstein has appeared as a member of the Dead/Tuna Band, Mighty Young Fish, FNA Band and Volunteers as well as working a wide variety of recording sessions over the years.

Recently, the band added lead guitarist, Dave Filloramo, to the mix.

The band released their debut album, HAMBONES & TROMBONES in 2011

Self Biography by Johnny Pierre

I guess you could say that I was born to be a musician. My earliest musical memories began in New Orleans where I lived for several years in the early sixties. I clearly remember being engaged by the earthy sounds of Professor Longhair and Fats Domino. My perceptions of music were never the same after living in New Orleans; the sounds and rhythms of that city have stayed within me my entire life.

After falling under the spell of the British Invasion in the mid-sixties, I started singing in some local rock & roll bands. My first paid gigs took place while I was a teenage Army brat living in France back in 1966. It was during this period of my life that I started writing my own songs as well. From 1970 to 1974, I attended The University of Dayton in Ohio. While there, my friend Billy Cairns and I assembled a rock combo named the Freelance Vandals.

By 1977, I moved to the Long Island area of New York where I became involved in launching a new version of the Freelance Vandals. This band proved to be quite popular on the Long Island music scene and for the next seven years we performed in a wide variety of venues; opening up for such artists as John Hiatt, Dr. John and NRBQ.
During this period of my career, my work as the band's lead singer/frontman received accolades in such trade publications as Variety, The Hollywood Press and Creem Magazine. The band released several vinyl record projects during this period; a double 45 rpm collection known as The Dogpak (Dog Records, 1978) and a live album, Yer Money Or Yer Ears (Gunga Din Records, 1984) before disbanding in 1985. In 1996, the Freelance Vandals staged a reunion tour to promote the release of
the studio anthology, Songs That Never Made Us Famous (FV Productions, 1996).

Over the next decade, I ended up working in numerous bands such as the Mighty Young Fish, Cornbread Boys and the Helpless Bovines. By the late 90's, I began concentrating on songwriting and composing soundtracks for several films.

In 1995, I started working with Jeff Goldstein in an Americana Blues band named the BISCUIT KINGS. The band released it's debut album, Hambones & Trombones, in 2011. The album received positive reviews and extensive airplay on American blues radio stations in the US and in Europe.

My latest album release is Prayers Before Sleeping,  This album is a collection of Americana blues songs about dreams and how they inhabit and enhance our realities.
In many ways, I feel the process of recording music itself is as intimate and real as our dreams. Some of the highlights from the album include "King of the Dead Sea",
a song inspired by the upcoming Presidential election and "Song for Levon", a tribute to the late great Levon Helm. Prayers Before Sleeping official release is on Aug. 16th Digital Downloads are available @ ITunes, CD Baby & Amazon Compact Discs are available for secure online purchase in my online store

Thanks for listening to the music, Johnny Pierre

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