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Karen B.
Karen is the leader of The Biscuits n Gravy Band. Karen had dreams of a band that would produce a great sound, was diverse in sound and instruments, and a whole lot of fun and interactive with the crowds. She started assembling the band in January of 2006 with the first member commitment from bass player, Dave K. and continued from there.Biscuits n Gravy Band
Biscuits n Gravy Band
Karen started piano lessons at age 4 (her poor mother!) At 13, her good friend Raymond taught her a couple chords on the guitar. Raymond was a big influence on Karen’s musical interest. Karen also learned to play trumpet and baritone and played the baritone in the ISU Pep Band. She has played piano and guitar in church for many years. Her true love is singing, and it shows. She has performed in church, weddings, contests and has played in a few other bands. She graduated from the Illinois State University School of Music and continues to incorporate music into her everyday life. Karen loves a challenge and continues to learn new instruments, with the most recent being the sax. Karen enjoys writing and performing her own music. She also coordinated and performed a concert to benefit The Baby Fold.

Karen is known to have GAS (in her mind, it is Gear Acquisition Syndrome). For gigs she brings along 4 keyboards; Roland RD600, Roland A-90, Roland D50 and a Korg CX-3. She also brings along a blue satin finish Fender Stratocaster, and her baby, a Martin DC-15E.

Karen has always and continues to receive encouragement from her parents. Her musical influences are Karen Carpenter, Amy Grant and Ms. Doris Day

Mary C.

Mary has been playing the piano and guitar in church for over 20 years. This includes traditional as well as contemporary music. She also plays special services related to church such as weddings, funerals, and other celebrations. For many years Mary has been involved in a folk group with a 'history twist' named “The Bound for Glory Singers”. They would perform at political fund raisers, historic relations, labor history, and peace and justice events. On a different note, Mary has also played with a rock-n-roll band for 4 years and they played a variety of music including blues, rock and roll, contemporary and originals.

Mary has always been interested in music, and enjoys improvisation more than formal note reading. She loves all types of music. Mary is one of the band's 'jack of all trades, master of none'. She plays keyboard, guitar, accordion, percussion, tambourine, the infamous cowbell and also sings backup.

Mike C.

Mike joined the Biscuits n Gravy Band in March 2008. He plays a wide variety of styles which makes him a perfect fit for our band.

Check back for Mike's bio..he has many interesting things to share about himself. (And if he doesn't tell you about them, we will!)

Bob C.

Bob has played music for a long time and has been in several bands. His first big event was in Bitburg, Germany 1969 where he played in a high school band (Melody Raunch). His next big ‘gig’ was across the boarder in Izmir, Turkey where he played in an all acoustic band (Wild Oats). Bob has been around the Bloomington area for a while and has played with several bands including Rachel's Hippo, Annoyed Oyster and of course, the most famous of all The Biscuits n Gravy band. Bob is also involved in a praise band called the Imperfects in Eureka, Illinois
Bob got his first guitar for Christmas of 1967 while at a hotel in Bitburg Germany. His biggest musical influence is Roy Clark (and the Hee Haw honey's). He is so fond of Roy that they both use the same hair stylist!

Bob plays a Parker Fly (primary), Charvel Jackson/Peavey Wolfgang (backups) and uses a Fender Cyber Deluxe amp with midi controller, Boss EQ, Compressor pedals, and an Ibanez Tube Screamer.

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