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The Blake Miles Band formed in the fall of 2003 in Memphis, TN, featuring Blake Ryan, Miles Miller, and Ricky Townes. Starting off as a blues trio, the band began playing shows within the first few weeks of existence. Feeling confined by the "blues band" label, The BMB recruited Walter Hughes on second guitar in December 2004, and began to expand on their sound.

Acoustic Guitar & Lead Vocals Kevin Painter

Kevin Painter

Bass Guitar Gary Poe

Gary Poe

Gary started playing guitar and singing when he was 13. Two years later, Gary had his own band, “Wildwood Sunshine” and started playing bass when the bass player had to leave the group and move to CA. Ever since then (1968) Gary has played bass in many bands in the central Texas area playing blues, gospel, rock and country. He lived on the Texas coast for a year in Lake Jackson and played in a Chicago horn style band. He has played with many local artists including, Fuzzy Whitener, Fuzzy Whitener Sr. Larry Andrews, Brian Smith, Zanada Tally, Robert Horueth, Randy Blue, Ira Bradford, Jake Crawford, Russ and Brends Hauke, Bo Roberts, Thomas Abbe and many others (not less important, but to numerous to list).

Gary has played in bands that have opened for Cheap Trick, Little Feet, The Marshall Tucker Band, Bugs Henderson, Omar & the Howlers, The Nelsons, John Anderson and others. He played with the “Q102 Frontal Lobotomy Boogie Band” in the late 80’s for packed audiences at free concerts at the Tarrent Co. & Dallas Co. convention Centers. He has also played at the Broken Spoke in Austin, Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth and later at BB King’s club in Memphis with Jake Crawford and Mike King. Gary really enjoys playing with Lo*ki because of the original tunes written by Kevin, the classic rock, blues & country rock styles and because the members of the band are fantastic players.

Drums Vernon Bryder

Vernon Bryder

Vernon Bryder started playing the drums in 1968, driving his parents crazy with his Sears cardborard set. His parents purchased a Ludwig Blue Vistalite five-piece set for his 13th birthday.His father served a two-year tour in Germany . During this time Vernon played in a band consisting of enlisted men , performing in Officer and NCO clubs on the weekends from Munich to Brussels, Belgium. From sixth grade through high school he played in Marching and Concert band and was first chair his senior year.

Vernon was with a southern rock band called Brandy Station out of Jacksonville, Florida .This was the time when Lynard Skynard was becoming very popular. The Brandy Station band recorded 1 album and cut a 45 record.

After completing his Navy tour, and while attending Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas, Vernon was asked to join the band Showdown out of League City, Texas, who performed all around the Houston area and to Victria , Texas. Showdown competed for Texas in the Wild Turkey Battle of the Bands in Dallas,Texas (1985). The Showdown Band opened for for Conway Twitty, Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie McClain and Freddie Fender to name a few.

Vernon took a hiatus from drumming for about 15 years to devote his attention to his chiropractic practice located in Corsicana, Texas. He has two wonderful children who are active in music and yearbook committees at their schools. In 2005 he decided to dust off the Vistalite set and spent almost a year completely restoring it. “Meeting these guys from Lo*ki in 2007 just fell into place in a seemingly effortless way. These guys are seasoned musicians and I feel very fortunate to play with the level of discipline and talent they bring to the stage.”

Keyboards Blake Miles


Lead Guitarist Bob Coy

Bobby Ray

Bobby Ray Coy’s background is a bit sketchy. However, it is rumored that he was the illegitimate son of Marilyn Monroe and JFK, only to be adopted by a traveling salesman and his lovely wife in Texas soon after birth. What is known is that Bob was a concert cellist at the young age of four. Unfortunately after a close encounter with alien beings and a brief trip to their mother planet, his memory was erased and he was never able to recover his mastery of the cello again. In fact, the aliens removed the majority of his genius brain cells to implant in the leaders of the master race on the mother planet, leaving young Bob with the brain and IQ slightly higher than that of an extremely intelligent circus monkey.

Growing up in Oak Cliff, and Dallas in the 1960’s and 70’s Bobby Ray was exposed to a plethora of great music and talented musicians in the area. There are those that people usually list when you mention Oak Cliff, like T-Bone Walker, and Jimmy and Stevie Vaughn who played at dances held at the local armory and country clubs. However, most weekends found BR heading for the Rubaiyat in Dallas to see people like B.W. Stevenson, Stephen Fromholtz, Michael Murphy, Willis Alan Ramsey, and a band called Three Faces West featuring a young singer songwriter named Ray Wylie Hubbard. In those days, this music was classified as “Folk Rock” but would most likely be called “Texas Country” today.

Blues and blues based rock have always had a major influence on Bobby Ray.A list of musical influences would have to include B.B. King, Bugs Henderson, Mark Knopler, David Grissom, Robert Cray, and Carlo Santana.

Currently Bobby Ray Coy can be seen yielding his Fender Telecaster with the Corsicana based band, Lo*ki and sporting a variety of highly fashionable head wear.

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