Blue Plate Special

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Blue Plate SpecialBlue Plate Special - I continue to be amazed by the tremendous indie market that feeds the labels nowadays. Why? Well the talent pool is so deep and broad that you find all brands and interpretations, most of which carry a great deal of musical experience and worthiness. This biscuit is an example of that richly-fibered carpet called the blues. The majority of the work is carried by a trio of musicians. Bandleader R. P. Michaels lays out (in delicate layers) the lead vocals, bass, keyboards, and guitar work. Gary Maier lays down the shufflin' drum work and Harry Binford provides the second guitar. Binford and Maier also share the vocal work with Michaels. Guests include harpist Mark Zelepugas and the background vocals of Charlie Prasma, as well as the voices of the Stumbling Pilgrim Choir (Ron, Charlie & Mark?). While dubbing and layering are obvious, they are clearly interactive and reactive. Some cuts slump into the easy rock/blues groove while others stand out like bright lights on the highway. Tunes like the five-minute plus 'Phone Call' and the slow and tempered 'Not In The Mood' will fill your blues appetite. I know we've all heard it before! I call these powered-up blues with weighty rhythms and doubled and tripled lead tracks. The melodies are not constrictive, and they leave real room for the give and take!

Even when dissolving into rockin' harmonies, the Blue Plate Special is indeed a plate full of tasty tidbits. A mixing triumph, this effort carries some heavy blues material. Power Fender guitar and sparkling compositions. Totallly original music that will knock you out TKO stuff! ~Mark A. Cole

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