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Blue Rider Trio - Blues Revue says “…one of the best acoustic blues albums of the year comes from three white boys from Maryland.” Serious blues lovers and recent converts alike rave to us about the Trio’s first CD, Preachin' the Blues. Eight years in the making, this follow-up was worth the wait. Ben Andrew’s voice has gained that seared-by-life bluesiness; Mark Wenner’s harmonica cuts even deeper; and Jeff Sarli’s bass adds layers of subtlety to his knock-you-down drive. The first CD has become a legend among lovers of good sound in blues. A tough act to follow, the richer vocal detail, stronger dynamics and cleaner overtones of this recording are startling. All that adds extra excitement and authenticity to this tasty collection of Chicago, Delta and Texas acoustic blues. (#06932)

Ben Andrews, guitar/vocals
Mark Wenner, guitar
Jeff Sarli, bass