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Blueass Blues Band began in 1981 with three musicians and a shared love of blues music. Thirty years later – the band has gone through a few changes but two original members are still here and above all - their love of music still remains true.

From the beginning they were a hard working trio who performed original material and clever covers all in a shake-up of Chicago style blues, rock n’ roll with a twist of Texas-boogie. Soon they became a popular band at local clubs and parties. Soon the band was ready to spread their wings and focus on what they wanted to accomplish with their music – and it didn’t take long. In 1993 they played their first Blues festival – Åmål Blues Festival – which was followed by requests from all the top blues and music festivals in Norway and Sweden. They released their first full-length record Blueass: “Breakin’ Through” (1996) on the independent Soundtronix label. In 1995 Soul-legend Arthur Conley heard the Band and signed them to his Holland Label Sweat Records for their second release “Hooked on you” (1996.) The band was now fast becoming one of the hottest names on the Scandinavian Blues circuit. Blaze Records signed them and released the bands third and fourth recordings “That Rockin’ Rhythm & Blues” (1999) and “Crossing” (2001). Both under the Blueass name. These releases found their way out of Scandinavia and into the hands of European and American radio DJ’s and Music Critics. The response was enormous. They loved the music…They loved Blueass!

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