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Blues Buddha Band

Blues BuddhaBig City Rythm and Blues Magazine
By Dave Fields/ NYC Blues
Buddha got a Voice So big You swear he wouldn’t need a Mic.
You don’t have to be religious to love the power of “The Blues Buddha”. His croonings will leave you in a soulful trance while his giant voice will engulf you in the best zen blues.

12 Grapes Review
The Buddha is Back! To know The Buddha is to love his unique, infectious havin'-a-good-time style. If you've never seen these guys, you're missing out on one of the most fun and exciting Blues acts. Come see Tommy dance with the crowd and get The Whole place in a groove.

CD review Lahora Del Blues online Radio show (Blues Buddha CD 2006)
By Victor Zumel
"…Recording, production and mixing are excellent… very professional musicians who do splendid work. [Tommy's] voice sounds powerful, convincing and [he] sings with great feeling. I am sure the band(receives] great feedback [from] the audience… Finally, the band sounds tight and teamed. Great stuff!!"

In January of 2009, together with Scott Staton of Stoopid Daddy Records Tommy began writing seven original tunes for a new project. They then collaborated with Denny Leroux of Storm of the Century Music for the final three songs. Over this past year, they recorded with Larry Alexander at his studio, with a group of super talented musicians.

Joe Piteo (Nicole Hart Band, Gil Paris Band)
Al Payson (Grammy winner,Jose Feliciano Band, Blues Buddha Band)
Gil Paris (Blood Sweat and Tears, Grammy Nominated)
Jeff Ganz (Roy Buchanan,Johnny Winter Band,Grammy Nominated)
Alan Childs (David Bowie, Rod Stewart)
Johnny Feds Federico (Johnny Feds and the Bluz Boys, Roxy Perry)
Matt Rae (Arlen Roth Band, Moose and the bullet proof blues band)
Ronnie Mirro (Roxy Perry, Nikki Armstrong and Mojo Freddie, Blues Buddha Band)
Nicole Hart (Nicole Hart Band, The Shades)
Mike Garner (Blues Buddha Band, Duchess Di and the Distractions)
Eddie Sticky Crucy (Blues Buddha Band, Duchess Di and the Distractions)
Denny Leroux (Storm of the Century Music)
Larry Alexander (Recording Engineer worked with Bruce Springsteen and a Grammy Winner with Janis Ian)
Scott Staton (Charlie Musselwhite, Room Full of Blues, Blues Project)
Chip Lairson (Blues Buddha Band, The Catfight Blues Band)

The CD”I like it a lot” was released in March 2010. It has received airtime around the world.

CD ('I like it a lot") review Lahora Del Blues online Radio show
Sep t2010
By Victor Zumel
Tommy Dudley is an skilled singer, gifted with an strong powerful attack and a wide range of vocal tones, which make him become a dynamic and versatile singer, which enables him to present a varied very eclectic repertoire. In January 2009 he decided to give shape to his musical project, and started to write his own material. The album includes ten songs with a mixture of blues, soul and gumbo-rock. Believe me, this cd will bring you exquisite dishes you will enjoy for a long, long time. GREAT

Mary4Music CD Review "I Like it a lot" 2010
By Peter”Blewzzman”Lauro
Because of the wonderfully written lyrics, and the intensity at which they are sung, Blues Buddha just runs away with this one. Who would of figured, That “Better at Hello”, a melancholy ballad, would be his strong suit. This is my interpretation of what ”songs of the year” sound like.

Blues Underground Network CD Review "I Like it a Lot" 2010
John Vermilyea
"My highest rating, Five Stars. Excellent CD. With Blues Buddha's debut CD, "I Like It A Lot", Tommy Dudley doesn't ask you politely to get up and dance... once you hear his music, it will tear you off your seat and point your feet towards your best dancin' shoes. It is a Jumpin' Boogie Blues good time and one of the best such releases for 2010.

Blues Blast Magazine Oct 2010
Greg "Bluesdog" Szalony
Upon receiving this record and seeing the moniker Blues Buddha that Tommy Dudley has adopted, as well as his hulking presence on the cover shot, I'm thinking here comes a half-baked novelty blues trip. Au contraire mon ami...I like this CD, this guy could crush me like a grape...Dudley's throaty but warm vocals carry off the songs right on the money...Keyboard player Scott Staton,is a Boogie-woogie piano God... April 2010
His real name is Tommy Dudley, he comes from the New York Metro District and is a blues singer with a lot of soul in his voice.... he remains in first place a Blues Shouter for his powerful voice seems no need for a microphone, he could really do without it if you ask us...The song selection is varied, with several styles incorporated into one's own bluesgumbo. Mainly up-tempo songs, obviously intended to live in the tent upside down...
We have all enjoyed this debut event. Convinced we're not Buddhists, but the Blues already cautious followers of Buddha.

Tommy Dudley (Blues Buddha)
Tommy a/k/a The Blues Buddha is a rough and tumble blues vocalist who, in his own words, has picked up stylistic influences from people he admires and mixes them into his own musical gumbo. Eclectic influences include: R&B artists Wilson Pickett and Otis Redding...(the) straight-ahead blues and rock and soul of Eric Burdon... and Tom Jones. Tommy aka Blues Buddha is a popular figure in the NY Metro area club scene and performs at multiple venues several nights per week. Musicians in his band include Al Payson on Bass, Tyger Macneal on Drums, Chip Lairson and Ron Mirro on Guitar and Scott Staton on Piano. Other guests include Joe Piteo on Drums, Peter DeHoff on Piano, Johnny Federico, Charlie Scott on Guitar. Tommy has shared the stage and worked with with many local and National talents including Gil Parris, Dave Fields,Billy Gibson, Joe Louis Walker, Roxy Perry, Jim Moran, Nicole Hart, Benny Landa, Kenny Aaronson, Tommy Mandel, Paulie Triff, and "Sweet Poppa" Lou Donaldson

A finalists for The New York Blues and Jazz Society IBC Battle of the Bands held on Sept 28th 2010.