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Stelios Zafeiriou (Guitar)
Dimitris Ioannou (Bass & Vocals)
Stelios Gavrilidis & Petros Dactilides (Drums)
Orestis Vavitsas & Giorgos Lagogiannis (Keyboards)
Babis Tsilivigos (Tenor Saxophone)

Recorded in Ilioupolis, Greece, 2006 & 2007.
Produced by Nikos Papadoupolos,
Dimitris Ioannou & Stelios Zafeiriou
© 2009 Pan-Vox Records, Greece see also

..... Blues Cargo is an electric blues band who was formed in 1987, in Athens, Greece by Dimitris Ioannou (bass & vocals), Stelios Zafeiriou (guitar), Stelios Zouzoulas (guitar) and Stelios Gavrilidis (drums).

The Band has played regularly through its 21 years of life in Athens and other towns of Greece. Their shows gave them the reputation of one of the two most
important blues bands of Greece and the band became also very famous by backing up the following artists: Lurrie Bell, Big Time Sarah, Eddie C. Campbell, Guitar Shorty, Louisianna Red, Lefty Dizz, Byther Smith, Angela Brown, Lovie Lee, Jean Caroll, Maxinå Howard, U.P. Wilson, Sweet Betty, Jimmy Morello, Jan Harrington and Blind Missisipi Morris. They had also opened the shows of John Mayal, John Haìmond, Nick Gravenites, Big Town Playboys and Fernest Arcenaux in Greece.

By the end of 1992 they had completed a number of tunes which was finally issued on a vinyl LP in 1993, on Pegasus Records. The album's title was 'First Delivery' and received very good reviews. 20 years non stop playing arround and the 'Delayed Delivery' was released in Spring of 2009.

..... An excellent album from one of the leading blues bands in Greece. The band performs a great blend of Texas and modern Chicago style blues. Soulful, easy
grooving blues with plenty of great guitar soloing. Mostly original songs written by the vocalist and bass player Dimitris Ionnaou and guitarist Stelios Zafeiriou. Well-produced and arranged, too.

blues cargo