Blues Section

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I think Blues Section would be THE Finnish band to fit best in the psychedelic underground and even garage spirit. Their career was short-lived (1967-69), in which time they managed to create some classic songs from Hendrix/Cream/John Mayall-influenced blues to pop and jazz-tinged psychedelia. Their 'Cherry Cup-Cake Twist' would well fit in its strangeness to any Nuggets or Pebbles-style collections; 'Semi-Circle Solitude' is one of the finest pop anthems to ever come out of Finland, and 'Hey Hey Hey' is pure, hard-biting electric garage.

Blues Section's saxophone player Eero Koivistoinen would record in 1968 the legendary Valtakunta album, with Hasse Walli and Ronnie Österberg of Blues Section among the musicians there. Jim Pembroke, the British expatriate vocalist and song-writer for Blues Section, would later form with Österberg "Wigwam", the biggest progressive rock band in Finland; Blues Section's bassist Måns Groundstroem and Pembroke's vocalist successor Frank Robson would appear in "Tasavallan Presidentti", Wigwam's greatest prog rival in Finland - but that's another story...~Phinnweb

Hasse Walli (guitar)
Måns Groundstroem (bass, 1967)
Jim Pembroke (vocals)
Eero Koivistoinen (saxophone)
Ronnie Österberg (drums)
Edward Vesala (drums, 1967)
Raimo Rautarinne (drums, 1967)
Pekka Sarmanto (bass, 1968)
Frank Robson (vocals, 1968)

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