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Carlos Sanz: Renowned guitarist in the field of Blues, has long been devoted in body and soul to the devil's music. Back in 1991 created Freebells Blues Band, which is responsible for voice and guitar, legendary blues combo Valladolid, pioneers in the city of Pisuerga about this style. In 1994 he joined Spleen on guitar, band Rythmn & Blues. Already in 1997, after the dissolution of Freebells, is responsible for bringing together musicians who would Bluedays seed, which puts the service of the worshipful her warm voice and nervous guitar. In 1998 he moved to Chicago and New Orleans to drink from the fountains of Blues.bluedays

Jorge Otero: Session musician for numerous artists such as Carlos Chaouen, East of Eden, Tawny or Dreik Bethlehem, has played live with them and others like Celtic. Bassist's solo project of Jesus Cifuentes, Cifu & The Sound Calaņa. Appreciated for its strong rhythm, played with international figures such as Amar Sundy Blues (Albert King, Albert Collins) and shared the stage with the best of national genre: Ņaco Goņi,  Tonky De La Peņa, Los Reyes del KO ... It has created his native  Valladolid formations of some local renown as Ciudad Juárez, winners of Chain Imaginarock 100 or Bluedays themselves, of which a member since its inception.

Fernando Martin: Since the late 80 climbed for the first time on stage at the party of the institute, and has never lost that affection for the music live or in its broadest spectrum. In the early 90's up to study in Valladolid. There comes into contact with people close to the scene of rock and blues. His love of the immediate popular and makes proposals on which interest prevails over appearance, the song about pure and simple technique. Is this a feature that makes it fit perfectly in bands more or less close to black music, "Torrao Lizards," "The Dukes" or "Freebells Blues Band", where he met Carlos Sanz. Later, after separated slightly from the scene of the Spanish capital, called the new technologies applied to home recording and production, leading to new ways of working and new musical projects that somehow still retain a taste for "the popular "" tripe "," Hoka Hey "," The Desgraciaus "," Repeaters "and now" Bluedays. "

Nacho Castro: Drummer and percussionist with a long history and professional experience began at an early age working with several bands, most notably the combo of jazz pianist Javier Arroyo and folk band Almenara, training key to the birth of the later would most important band of his career: Celtic, which is a founding member and "baptized" because of his fondness for the snuff. With them he has recorded 12 albums and toured troughout Spain and parts of Europe and America until 2007 when it decided a change of scenery, fresh air and feed his passion for other styles. He has shared the stage, projects and recordings with musicians and a host of national and international artists: The Oyster Band, Willy De Ville, Le Bagad Kimpo, Maria Salgado, Corsair Theatre, The Roller, Jaime Lafuente, Kati Dada & the laundry, etc. . He has always had a special interest in the Blues and Jazz Black Music, Art Blakey himself gave his blessing especially during a concert at the Theatre Imperial de Leon in the year 86. Currently works as Session Musician Sound Field studies and is the drummer and percussionist Gospel Choir "Good News" and "Bluedays."

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