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You've Put Your Voodoo On Me is the debut album from Bo Molasses, a refreshing blues band from Marbella, the millionaire's playground, in the South of Spain, and England. The band comprises Paul Cufflin on electric and acoustic guitars / keyboards / bass / percussion / background vocals, Chris Daffin with electric guitar, Sugarcane Grey playing acoustic slide guitar, Chris Jackson on drums/percussion and Bo on main vocals. It’s a very interesting mix! Six of the songs off the album have already been licensed by Hollywood music publishers Crucial Music for use in various US film and TV project, which gives you an idea of just how good this music molasses

The CD opens with “Just Enough,” a slow ballad aimed at a girl who fooled her lover, left and predictably came back. The backing is nicely simplistic, with some handclapping built in. Track two is “I Do Believe My Time Is Coming,” and what a good track this is. The music is moody, atmospheric and foot-tapping good. It’s very much Mississippi country blues flavour, even though it comes out of Spain! This track put me a little in mind of early Derek Trucks. My only criticism of The Whole album is, that if the band were mine, then I would have made this track the opening one to really get people’s attention.

Track three, “I Want You,” takes the tempo up slightly, and it’s slightly less bluesy than the preceding two tracks, but still very good. This one runs into the title track “You’ve Put Your Voodoo On Me,” and this one is another good, slow, moody, blues. Just when you think that you’ve really got a hold on how good this band is, up pops “You’re Gonna Need Someone.” This brings the tempo back up just a small notch and it has a slow, driving back beat with some lovely guitar work laid over it, supporting haunting vocals.

“Sara” brings the slide guitar much more to the front, and it has a real catchy riff going behind the vocal. It leads into “Stay With Me,” a track with some great harmonica playing.

“I Know I’ve Had It Coming For So Long” keeps the music moving along, this one sounds as though it could easily be used as a movie soundtrack about the Deep South. “Faith Healer” and “Won’t You Come See About Me?” wrap the album up in similar style. You've Put Your Voodoo On Me is an excellent debut CD from an accomplished band and hopefully they’ll follow it with another CD soon – maybe with some up-tempo numbers. ~Review by Terry Clear

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