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 Bobby Whitlock - Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Whitlock began his musical career recording for Stax Records at the age of 15. His first recording was hand claps on Sam & Dave's "I Thank You". Donald "Duck" Dunn and Steve Cropper were readying the young Whitlock for pop success when Delaney & Bonnie heard Whitlock perform at a club and invited him to join them in California and record on their record Home in early 1970. His friendships with future Dominos Eric Clapton, Carl Radle, and Jim Gordon began when Whitlock was touring with Delaney & Bonnie.

Whitlock is most notably known for his involvement with the blues-rock band Derek & The Dominos, which he co-founded. He was a co-writer of many of the songs that appear on their album, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs.

Bobby WhitlockDerek and the Dominos
After the other band members left to join Mad Dogs and Englishmen with Joe Cocker, Whitlock collaborated with Eric Clapton in England. They played sessions together, most notably on George Harrison's All Things Must Pass, where Whitlock and Clapton sang background (as the "O'Hara Smith Singers"). Whitlock remained uncredited on certain tracks of All Things Must Pass, where he played harmonium, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond organ, tubular bells and piano on various songs.

Whitlock is credited as a writer or co-writer on six tracks from the album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs. He and Clapton wrote together on their guitars. During the recording, the tape rolled non-stop for the entire album, with the exception of "Key to the Highway". According to Whitlock, this is why this cut is heard fading in.

Whitlock recorded his first solo album Bobby Whitlock/Bobby Whitlock. His second solo record, Raw Velvet, came immediately after. Both records included appearances by former Dominos Eric Clapton, Carl Radle, and Jim Gordon. When Whitlock tried in vain to get Clapton to come out and play, realizing it was not going to happen (it took two years of waiting), he went back to the United States.

Later Career
Whitlock went to England again after a short stint in the United States then moved to Ireland, where he lived for many years and became friends with Donovan. Whitlock had his own television show with Steve Cropper. Returning to the United States, he initially financed his own tour and has slowly made his way back into the music scene.

During the 1970s, Whitlock released four solo albums: the first, self-titled, was released in 1972. Raw Velvet featured Eric Clapton and Rick Vito on "Dearest I Wonder". After his 1976 album Rock Your Sox Off, Whitlock laid low for most of the 1980s and 1990s, living on a farm in Mississippi, raising his children, and doing session work.

In 1999, Bobby Whitlock returned to music with It's About Time and in 2000 appeared on the BBC's Jools Holland with Clapton. In 2001 he appeared on the Buddy Guy album Sweet Tea. Also in 2001, Whitlock and CoCo Carmel collaborated on Other Assorted Love Songs, consisting primarily of Whitlock's songs from the original Derek and the Dominos album. Whitlock and Carmel are married and live in Austin, Texas and have travelled extensively throughout the United States and abroad. Their newest release, a live recording titled Metamorphosis, features David Grissom and Stephen Bruton on guitar, Brannen Temple on drums, and James Fenner on percussion. Guest Willie Nelson plays on CoCo Carmel's "True Love". Bobby Whitlock continues to write and has had several major artist cuts, including Ray Charles ("Slip Away"), Tom Jones ("This Time There Won't Be No Next Time"), and George Jones ("He's Not Entitled to your Love"). Numerous artists have recorded his material, including Sheryl Crow ("Keep on Growin") and Derek Trucks ("Anyday").

Whitlock wrote his autobiography with music historian Marc Roberty; the book was published in 2010, with a foreword written by Eric Clapton.

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Born in Memphis Bobby Whitlock represents the true southern blues/soul singer. he was the first white artist to be signed to the Stax hip label at the tender age of 16. In the eyes of Stax bobby was destined to be a star. Taken under the wings of Steve cropper and Donald (duck) Dunn bobby was heading in the right direction from an early age.. Always running on his intuition, bobby agreed to go to California to become a "friend" in the group Delaney & Bonnie. Bobby became friends with Eric Clapton during the short 3 month tour in England in 1969. * back in the states , not satisfied with his position bobby once again followed his intuition called Eric Clapton who invited him to his home at Hurtwood and there they began to write becoming a formidable writing team with songs like "tell the truth", "Keep on growing", " I looked away", "Why does love got to be so sad", "any day", "roll it over" and more. Derek & the Dominos began to form after some months at former Beatles George Harrison's all things must pass sessions. by that time Bobby and Eric had written a handful of songs and George agreed that Phil specter would produce a couple of them in exchange for playing on his record. * Eric Clapton , Bobby Whitlock, Carl Radle and Jim Gordon were the core band for George, the yet un-named band Derek & the Dominos were born . * The rest is of course history. Layla and other assorted love songs is now celebrating its 40th year and is considered to be one of the most influential and great records in the history of rock-n-roll. * In 2000 Derek & the Dominos were awarded a Grammy for Layla and other assorted love songs. the music ians the music and their legacy continues . * In march's 2011 Rolling Stones, David Fricke's five star review is a testament to the staying power of this incredible record. To find out more check out Bobby Whitlock's A Rock-n-roll autobiography just out on Amazon , Barnes and Noble and Waterstones..

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