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Bobos & The Frozen DozenBobos & The Frozen Dozen
John Mayall, celebrity "white blues" after the performance of Erich "Boboš" Walk with The Electric Blues Band, said: "With this group I would like featured on the tour at any time." It was in 1997. When in the year in 1999 went solo studio project "Boboš & The Frozen Dozen" by critics reap the highest rating, and heralded the emergence of the eponymous concert formation. In December last year, was released second solo album "Grooved" and it's a CD that will appeal to a wide range of people who do not listen to only classic blues genre.

Oskar Rózsa produced CD, recorded by her band The Frozen Dozen with which Erich "Boboš" Walk for the last three years he played over 200 concerts in Slovakia, the Czech Republic and also in Poland and Hungary. Recordings of musical guest is the best player on the Hungarian Mátyás Pribojszki mouth organs, keyboards manipulated Oskar Rózsa. 18th February 2004 was Erich "Boboš" Walk nominated for the Academy of Popular Music AUREA 2003 in the category of instrumentalists and producer of the album, Oskar Rózsa was a "Grooved" nominated for producer of achievement. 5th March 2004 Erich "Boboš" Walk AUREA obtained for the best instrumental performance in the academic year 2003. In 2005 he recorded with his band called the third carrier Eosphoros. It's a double album on one CD where you will find songs of the author, the second incorporated blues songs recorded by the Janka Kirschner, Peter Lipa and Mátyás Pribojszkim. (translation from google translate, its not the greatest job but the old bobo site is dead now)

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