Bobos Procházka

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Bobos Procházka - former Bobos and the frozen dozen frontman now with Sitra Achra. Bobo is one of the best East European harp players; his sound is quite unique and original all harp fans should get this !!!!!!!! or any of his other stuff no one sounds like Bobo !!!!!!Jana Kirschner
Bobos Procházka
Peter Lipa - The most important person in slovak jazz. Singer, composer, promoter, speaker, manager of jazz life. For many years (25) he has been the promoter of european festival Bratislava jazz days. In the charts of International jazz federation magazine Jazz Forum was he in the 80-ties regularly placed in the top 5 of the european jazz singers. His roots are blues, soul and classical mainstream. He is flexibile and has a perfect stylish orientation. His range starts from classical jazz standards and dixieland thru´ latin, jazz chanson and ends with spirituals, funk or rock. The singers he feels mostly influenced by are Jimmy Rushing, Ray Charles, Al Jarreau, Joe Cocker or Bobby McFerrin. He is a spontanious improvizing type of singer. Presently he came to an overstylish songwriting and works with the best slovak lyricists.
Peter Lipa
Jana Kirschner (born December 29, 1978, Martin) is a Slovak singer. She first attracted public attention as a participant of the beauty pageant Miss Slovakia 1996. In 1996 she made her first album Jana Kirschner. She won the prize for Discovery of the Year (1997), Album of the Year (1999), and Female Singer of the Year (1999). In 1999 she also won the prestigious Slávik (Nightingale) award. In 2007 she released her fifth studio album titled Shine.

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