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Welcome! I am a NYC based singer-songwriter. I enjoy writing songs, performing them live and introducing them to you. My style is eclectic drawing inspiration from many different genres: blues, country, gospel, rock, pop, soul. I write music spontaneously and I dig deep inside my soul to present my feelings in a musically friendly format.

"In a sense, the music business and I haven't always been the best of bedfellows. Artists often have to fight their corner. Your music goes through these filters of record labels and media, and you're hoping you'll find someone who'll help you get your work into the world.

Annie Lennox

As an independent artist, I share Annie Lennox's opinion. I produce my music in my living room. I feel responsible about my arrangements. Honesty and spontaneity are important to me. I write and record based on my individual taste, not on what the mainstream trends are.

Once my music has been mixed and mastered, it goes online. It is amazing to know that the entire world can be linked through a computer. However, that does not mean that music is not filtered. On the contrary, hoping to be heard becomes a matter of internet research, blogging, and promoting. In the course of minutes, I become my own marketing agent and my own PR. What drives me to do what I do? What is it that I am looking for? My answer is: I am making music because I could not imagine my life otherwise."

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