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Bonedog was formed on Christmas Eve 2009 in a sauna where drummer Michael Andersson was relaxing with some friends and a few beers, talking about that he would like to start a new band together with his bass buddy Peter Forss that would just do originals. His friends convinced him to call up his old friend Mikael Ladréhn even though it was

Christmas, and about an hour later Peter got a call from Michael saying they now had a band. On January 4 they met for the first time in Peter’s studio and they all felt right away that this was it, they were a perfect match. They started writing songs right away and hit the record button as soon as the songs where finished, right on the spot where they were written. Michael’s straight solid drumming together with Peter’s bass lines made a perfect foundation for Mikael’s heavy blues riffs and soulful vocals, bringing back the good old days of Zeppelin, Whitesnake and ZZ Top but with a modern touch, though keeping it simple and alive.

About a year later after lots of rehearsing, recording and celebrated live gigs they released there debut album “Blame the cat” and now it’s time to take it to the next level. Only the future will tell…


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