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The Boneshakers

The Fabulous Johnny C    Lead Guitar / Vocals

The Fabulous Johnny C plays guitar like no other. He hails from New York where he played in such bands as The Truants and Legend. Johnny played the nightclub scene in Manhattan for years, now he calls the West Coast of Florida home. He started playing guitar when he was young and grew up with all kinds of inspirations. At a glance he looks like Elvis, but his playing resembles Brian Setzer. He is known from New York to Florida as having the "fastest fingers in the West." The Fabulous Johnny C will amaze you with his stage presence and style and keep you glued to his every move.

Cliff E. Shoes

Cliff E. Shoes    Upright Bass / Vocals

Cliff E. Shoes is a professional electric and upright bass player. On stage, he flings around his upright bass like a dance partner. He also has a penchant for wild attire. Cliff E. has played for well over 20 years, 9 of them with sarasota's hottest band The Funky Katz. Cliffe E. is one of the founding members of The BoneShakers and the backbone of the band. His bass does not stay still and neither will you when you hear him Shake, Rattle and Roll.

John (Suicide) Havell

John (Suicide) Havell    Lead Vocals / Guitar

Suicide has played in some of the areas most popular groups, such as Stryker,Tao, and One Night Rodeo. Originaly from New Jersey, Suicide has played everything from New Wave, Metal, to Country. Suicide is world renown in the world of professional jet skiing. He acquired his nickname because of his aggressive riding style. Suicide is always full of energy and surprises.

Pete Gregov

Pete Gregov     Drums / Vocals

Pete is the man behind the rock n roll thunder of the The Boneshakers. In addition to his prowess on the skins, Pete has a great set of pipes that add depth to The Boneshakers already great singers. He is a veteran of thousands of performances and many musical styles. He played in many local and well known bands such as The Traveling Freakshow! Pete is well known for solid chops and he's always in the pocket!! The Boneshakers have the thunder which few bands will ever have!!!!!