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Boogie Stuff

Horst Tolks: Guitar, Vocals
Andy Brötzner: Bass, Vocals
Fred Forrester: Drums

Jimmy Carl Black: Vocals (Indian Of The Group, Who Did You Love & Black Limousine)
Armin Woods: Organ
Pete Bruestle: Drums (Shake, Homesick, Bad Boy & Just Got Paid)
Omnita & Claudia Cane: Background Vocals

It is such a pleasure when I get CDs in to review from bands that I already know I like. Such is the case with "Have Mercy!", the latest release from the Bavarian blues/rocking band Boogie Stuff. Fronted by their most excellent guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Horst Tolks, Boogie Stuff is a hard driving power trio featuring the scorching riffs of Tolks combined with the world class growl of Boogie Stuff charter member bassist Andy Brötzner. They are joined on this set by their newest bandmate, who is not so new at all, as original drummer Manfred Forrester returns to the fold and he is splendid indeed.Boogie Stuff

The CD includes 11 studio tracks, a mixture of both originals and covers done ala Boogie Stuff. As an added bonus, the CD includes 3 live tracks featuring the legendary ex-Mothers Of Invention drummer Jimmy Carl Black on vocals. These live tracks REALLY make me long for the day the band releases a purely live recording. Studio or live, Horst Tolks has become one of my favorite guitarists with his distortion heavy rhythm and blistering lead work, all tastefully flavored by some very nasty tone.

Many highlights here, including the best remake I have heard of ZZ Top's "Just Got Paid", the three live tracks with Black, and "Muddy Water". However, track 4 on the set, "Homesick" may be the best sounding cut I have heard from the band yet. Their last CD "Still Rough 'n Wild" is one of my favorites, but "Have Mercy!" is noticeably superior. These guys just keep getting better, which is great news for every fan of hard driving blues/rock. ~Review by Tom Branson

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