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Boom Chick is a rock n' roll duo consisting of Frank Hoier on guitar & vocals and Moselle Spiller on drums. Boom Chick's sound is born out of an ecstatic love for early American rock n' roll. They have released one full album to date, and have completed two across America tours and one European tour since they named their band in 2009.

Frank was already a seasoned songwriter and solo act before he met artist Moselle, and found in her a wily, high energy co-conspirator. Boom Chick was soon fully realised after a hectic year packed with countless sweaty loft parties, constant creation in their industrial Brooklyn practice space, & hard-charging tours.
Their performances of lovingly practiced original co-written songs beam with a confident hunger.
With their raw and passionate live show, Boom Chick has been known to melt cold, cold hearts and set folks to dancing in the aisles. Moselle attacks the drums with a ferocious femininity, and Frank's amplified howl slaps back to the era when a man spoke his mind, creating a sound that delivers on all those things that rock n’ roll promised us so long ago.

“Show Pony” (released November 2010) is shot through with all the love and bones you can pack onto two-inch tape, and revels in Frank & Moselle’s myriad influences, from their shared love of atomic 50's rock n’ roll, spooky Delta blues, reverb-laced surf rock and 60’s girl group melodies, to the bright torches they carry for the classic catalogs of Chess & Sun Records.

Frank and Moselle are currently plotting a series of 7" records, their second full album release, and third across America tour for Fall 2011.

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