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Bopomofo - is steeped in the history of the Blues. Formed by DC ‘Deacon’ Rapier, a Chicago native and the former host of the “Blues Power Hour” on ICRT, the “International Community Radio Taipei”, the band is dedicated to bringing the power of the Blues to Taiwan audiences.

Joining him in the quest for mo’ better Blues are Dafu Daisuke Neishi from Japan on drums, Canadian born Mike ‘Steel-fingers’ Tennant on bass and backing vocals, Klaus ‘Amadeus’ Tseng from Germany on piano and vocals as well as Japanese virtuoso Aki ‘The Flame’ Ikeda on guitar. The band, led by DC on vocals, harmonica, guitar and tenor sax plays Chicago-style Blues, vintage R&B and well-crafted originals with an infectious heartfelt passion that sets feet a-tappin’ and booties boogying … !