Bornia Boys

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The Bornia Boys debuted at the Monterey Bay Blues Festival last year, on the silver, 25th Anniversary, and are thrilled to be back in the lineup for 2011. The band is a collection of stellar South Bay, CA musicians, unified by their common passion for the original blues legends. The Bornia Boys are Gene Parodi - vocals, Chris Berry - guitar, Chuck Fike - bass, David Parodi - drums, Alan "Eye Bone" Eglington - harp, and Steve Carlino - keyboards. There is a chemistry among the Bornia Boys that is rare, genuine and a joy to witness.

The band was formed to pay tribute to the early blues music that has influenced so many musicians around the world and helped shape the sound of music today. Their commitment to honoring the blues as an original, American art form, with the elements of honesty, warmth and humor intact, is truly inspiring. Although they have only been together for a few years, they have quickly developed a sound that is both rooted in the traditional and uniquely their own.

2011 Chris Berry

Bornia Boys

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