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Brad Vickers - THIS is front porch music... It’s the product of a lifetime of listening to and playing a wide variety of roots music. The sounds and feelings began to bubble and ferment, until one day they were ready to be distilled. The result is a rich, rootsy brew that incorporates elements of ragtime, jazz, blues—and more. Just call it “Le Blues Hot.” This 20-track recording marks Brad Vickers’ first project as a leader. Since he tunes his guitars in the open “Vestapol” tuning, Brad decided to call his group“The Vestapolitans.” He hopes you’ll enjoy their music as much as they love playing it!

Known as a blues bassist, and earning his reputation by having the good fortune to back up some of America’s greatest vernacular artists, Brad here plays guitar and sings. A good half of the songs are his own compositions. Most of the rest are interpretations of his favorite roots classics. Both the writing and treatment are inspired by the work of artists he loves, especially the great bluesmen Tampa Red and Jimmy Reed.

Brad is joined on “Le Blues Hot” by a great group of musicians. The extraordinary Jim Davis, whose saxophone credits include Paul Oscher and Hubert Sumlin, also takes the clarinet through some dazzling turns. His horns dance among genres with eloquence and aplomb. The estimable Barry Harrison, alumnus of both Johnny and Shemekia Copeland’s bands, holds the house drum chair at the famous Terra Blues club where he backs the creme of NYC’s blues artists. Here he plays drums and percussion with great variety—and humor. Take note of his fills on “ ‘A’ Rag!” Rising star Dave Gross shows off his Gypsy-jazz-tinged guitar talent on “Sunny Side of the Street,” and “‘A’ Rag”—and he contributes some very solid upright bass parts! The versatile Margey Peters, long-time bassist with Big Frank & The Healers, plays electric bass, fiddle, and sings. Margey also co-wrote several of the tunes, as well one she wrote with collaborator Steve Tarshis. Brad Vickers & His Vestapolitans have some great music in store for you. Now grab a seat, sit back, and enjoy!