Bronco Bob

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Bronco Bob is a roadhouse kind of guy. Hot groovin' blues playin' inside and playin' outside... loud bass guitar thumpin' starts his engines...a 1957 Chevy convertible. "My '57 is a rolling artwork. A few years ago I drove California's Big Sur 12 times in my 1940 Ford convertible listening loud... real loud and discovered how much Albert King singing "I'll play the blues for you" realigned my views..." so very complicated and I enjoy these subjects while drinking a tall glass of Jameson..."Playing one of my basses or one of my guitars on a rainy day alone and getting into my own world of groove makes life seem more understandable." Some guys go bowling... Bronco Bob enjoys playing and recording the blues...Bronco Bob also digs riding his Harley-d... "I'm a no helmet kind of rider...the more wind in my hair the better."

"I'm blessed to be part of my friends lives without good friends life is only eating and breathing and existing... the big brother program changed my life and I will forever thank my little brother(s) for their two way exchange of ideas and participation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to listen to my music. I will forever be grateful to Tony Conniff my music teacher who heard a wild crazy groove and encouraged me to do this and to Nikki Bauman, her encouragement inspires playing and singing from my heart to disc." - BB