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Brother Magnum is a double-barreled, hi gh-firepower classic soul music man for the modern age. With a dead aim for making every show he plays with his band The Razor Bumps into a memorable musical party galore, the Austin-based singer, songwriter and guitarist blends the best from the golden age of soul, the coolest blues and the finest roots of rockíníroll into a sound that blows you away in the most delightful ways. brother magnum

His veteran musicianís savvy and knack for creating fresh soulful sounds and songs that speak to the heart and get the butt shaking is etched into the proverbial grooves of his new album, Feel Like A King. As Magnum concludes, ďI may not be the latest thing, but I am the real thing.Ē

Within the Brother Magnum sound you can hear a lifetime of loving and making music. ďIíve done it all, man,Ē he explains. ďIíve done hip-hop, Iíve done country, Iíve done rockíníroll, Iíve done pop and new wave ó all that stuff at times in my life.Ē And now heís making the music that comes straight from his heart to yours.

As the youngest of eight kids, Magnum grew up hearing a spectrum of great musical artists and styles. ďMy dad was into James Brown and Ike & Tina Turner. My Mom loved everything from Al Green to Neil Diamond to The Doors, and they were both heavily into Sly & The Family Stone,Ē he recalls. ďOne of my sisters was into Kiss, one of my brothers was a big Parliament-Funkadelic and another brother was into The Cars, Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson. I was just saturated with all this music as a kid. You go to my hi-fi to this day, and Iíll be listening Metallica one minute and the next minute Iíll be listening to Buddy Guy. I can truly say that I donít have a favorite style of music.Ē

He first started making music at age 11 when he snuck onto his oldest brotherís drum kit and surprised him when he walked in and heard how Magnum had a natural knack for the backbeat. The guitar and keyboards soon followed, and at 13 he played his first show. ďAll the girls that were there saw me and they were all screaming my name as the lights were flashing. Needless to say, I havenít been right ever since,Ē he explains with a chuckle.

His family background and itinerant youth as the child of a career military man also contributes to Magnumís expansive music, attitudes and world view. His fatherís family has Afro-Cuban roots and his motherís lineage boasts a Native-American heritage. He grew up in various parts of California as well as Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia and Florida, finally landing back in Central Texas by his senior high school years. ďThe cool thing was that you experienced every kind of culture and all kinds of people, ideologies, and music,Ē Magnum observes. ďMy parents are very unique in that they always encouraged us to accept people for who they are, not what they are.Ē
The sum of his considerable musical experience led him to ultimately make the music closest to his heart as Brother Magnum. ďFor me, itís more than trying to make it and be a big rock star,Ē he explains. ďI want to do it my way. I want to be able to write the music I feel and bring it to people so they can enjoy it too.Ē

His debut album, Meet Me In My Daydream, was a first Brother Magnum shot that ďerupt[s] from your speakers like a hurtling fireball,Ē says ďFans of Buddy Guy, Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz, and Robert Cray will find delight in this effortÖ a great mix of up-tempo funkified numbers, retro soul blues, roots rock, traditional blues and even a shuffle or two. You canít reinvent the wheel but you can still make top of the line tires. Brother Magnum has not invented a new genre of music but he's doing it as good as anyone ever has.Ē

His aim was to make an album that invited listeners in and took them somewhere wonderful. ďI wanted the music to say: Come into this daydream with me and see if you can feel this vibe that Iím feeling. Iím gonna make you feel good. Letís go to a feel good place together.Ē

For him, itís all about drawing out the soulfulness, showmanship and pop appeal he learned from such prime inspirations as Otis Redding and Sly Stone and blending it with all the music he loves and the spirit within his soul. ďMy concept is no concept,Ē Magnum explains. ďThis is what it is and who I am. Get yourself loose and enjoy it. Come on this journey with me."

ďThis stuff that Iím doing now is the most honest music Iíve made because Iím grabbing what feels right to me,Ē he concludes, ďIím going to my piano and Iím grabbing my guitar and writing. And I donít say I want it to feel like this or sound like this. I just let it flow, and itís a beautiful thing.Ē

Thatís because Brother Magnum is the Lone Star Stateís soul brother number one, and he proves it on "Feel Like A King". It takes but a listen to indeed feel like a king or a queen as well as a non-stop dance machine. And thatís an offer no genuine fan of real and great music ever wants to miss.