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In 1996, Bruce Ewan played top clubs and concert halls in the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Salvador Bahia. His Brazilian appearances were the subject of a feature on Globo TV network news. He capped his Brazilian experience by recording a CD "Mississippi Saxophone" on which he is backed by noted Brazilian guitarist Andre Christovam and his trio.

"Brasil has become one of the hottest markets in the world for blues music, I had been hearing how good the scene was for the past couple of years from other musicians who had performed in events such as the Nescafe and Blues Festival and about how friendly the brasileiros are and receptive, enthusiastic audiences, I wanted to come to this interesting country myself due to my interest in South America and the blues. I had been hearing about this great blues guitarist in Brasil, André Christovam from Marty Saltzman, who is Junior Wells and Magic Slim's manager and also from the president of Alligator Records, Bruce Iglauer. Finnaly, with the help of Priscilla Pfromm, host of Cultura FM "Midnight Blues" radio program, I was able to contact André. André was immediately helpfull and enthusiastic about playing togheter and arranging some shows at the top clubs in Brasil such as Bourbon Street in São Paulo and the Aeroanta in Curitiba. I knew André was going to be good, because he had played with many top blues performers such as Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Sugar Blue and others and he had performed in Chicago at Buddy Guys showcase nightclub Legends. I found his playing to be very Unique and very powerful. I played André's music on the radio in my home town of Washington, D.C. and it really impressed the listeners. André has his own sound and that is what blues is all about.

The biggest surprise of all was the opportunity to record together on the release for Movieplay. André's regular group comprised of master percussionist, Athos Costa and the steady bass of Fabio Zaganin made for a great session and with a nice combination of American and Brazilian musical feelings. For example the first song that we played together when I arrived in Brasil was "Chitlin' Con Carne". The band provided a solid backing on every out and we recorded all songs live, mostly in only one take with only a minimum of overdubbing. Plus, this was recorded in its entirely in only 4 nights! This is a tribute to the high level of musicianship involved in this project. The title of release is "Mississippi Saxophone" which is a blues harmonica. This is what I have dedicated the past 25 years
of my life." ~ Bruce EwanBruce Ewan

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