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The Janeys, Bryce Janey and Billy Lee Janey. Twin guitar force with Bryce’s gritty, soulful vocals and tasty guitar chops, combined with Billy Lee’s intense rapid-fire telecaster guitar playing.

Collaborating together in songwriting they prove to be a triple threat. Their new four song demo showcases their original, blues-based sound but mixed with each of their own styles in songwriting and guitar playing.

Billy Lee has over 35 years of experience as a musician, songwriter and promoter and has been successful with his solo efforts, with rave reviews nationally. BillyLee is the real deal, straight up potent, telecaster twangin’ guitar playing.

Although his talent has been compared to greats like Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck, Billy Lee clearly creativity sets himself apart, giving himself his own unique style, the foundation of the Janeys!

Bryce Janey is clearly hitting his stride and now has come of age as a seasoned performer, songwriter and guitarist, and yeah it didn’t hurt that he had a great gene pool to pull from.

Bryce’s Stratocaster tones oscillate between purrs, stings and snarls… the stuff connoisseurs can not live with out! “All the elements that could make Bryce Janey a major blues star are in place” - Blues Revue Magazine.

Bryce and BillyLee together have a B.M.I. catalog that exceeds over 100+ songs. They are currently touring around the Midwest and are seeking major/ major independent, label representation, Management and Publishing support. The Janeys have The Whole package, a new up and coming act and sound, crossing over with the blues to a wider audience. We hope you will agree!

Bryce Janey began his career at age thirteen in a blues trio called “The Janeys.” His mother on drums and his father BillyLee on guitar. The Janey’s played regionally and nationally from Chicago to Los Angeles. Between 1991 and 1993 they performed with over 50 national acts including Buddy Guy, Delbert McClinton, Blues Traveler, Koko Taylor, and Elvin Bishop to name just a few.
After the Janey’s achieved some regional success, Bryce began a solo career and released his first CD in 1995. He has released three additional CD’s since 1996. His latest is entitled “Bare Wire.” His earlier CD’s have gained national attention and reviews including “Five Stars” from Blues Access - July 1998, and great reviews from “Blues Revue,” and “Living Blues” among others.

n 1999 Bryce signed with San Diego Music attorney, Rod Underhill. He shopped the market for major and major/independent label response. Although no deal was signed, Bryce did receive positive feedback and became the number one artist on later that year. We are currently searching for artist management and attorney representation, as well as national distribution.
Bryce is currently touring and performing throughout the Midwest with his own solo band and with Iowa's own "The BlueBand", in successful venues like “Buddy Guy’s Legends,” Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Kansas City, St. Louis, Nashville, Memphis (B.B. King’s,) to Denver and Keystone, Colorado.

Bryce and his father Billy Lee, own all rights and publishing to a catalog of some 100+ songs. This will prove to be a strong factor for Bryce in recording and his future as a recording artist. As they said in Blues Revue "all the elements that could make Bryce Janey a major blues star, are in place!"

Blues guitarist, songwriter, performer, Billy Lee Janey has been compared by some to such greats as Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins and Jimi Hendrix. Even though these "guitar heroes" have been an inspiration to him, Billy Lee's own soulful and passionate love for music clearly and creatively sets him apart, giving him his own unique style and personality.

Billy Lee picked up his first guitar, a German Framus, at age 13. It was 1964, the "Beatles era". But beyond the Beatles he was taking "his first steos" toward another direction, one that would lead him down the path into the music that would shape his future, "the blues".

Billy Lee recorded his first record in 1972 and another in 1973 which included "Pontiac Blues" by Sonny Boy Williamson.

In 1975 he recorded a full scale album titled "No Rest For the Wicked" with his psychedelic blues trio Truth 'N Janey. "No Rest For the Wicked" has achieved near cult status internationally, and selling for as much as $150.00 as listed in Goldmine Magazine.

Today Billy Lee is testing the water with his solo career, and his newest release "Mankiller". He is also playing with his son Bryce Janey in The Janeys. While he is staying pretty busy these days with performances. recording sessions, and many a late night writing and composing. Billy Lee hasn't forgotten what this is all about for him. "I just want to share with people what I feel in my heart, and to try and have a good time with them as well."